Ladder preference

What length of ladder do most of you guys and girls use? Just curious as I have been looking at 18’ telestep ladder. Thoughts???

Discussed many times… are you looking to go 1 story or 2 stories high.

I would lean towards Xtendnclimb

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I use telescopic ladders the most, and up to a 32 foot extension ladder.


A 22’ Werner articulating and a 12’ Werner articulating and a 16’ extend and climb is what I used…All were professional weights…300 lbs. I think.


The longer you inspect, the more tools you will accumulate.
Before going to an inspection I look at pictures of the house online (for new construction I have the buyer text me recent pictures) and choose my ladders accordingly. For 90% of inspections I only take Xtend+Climb Telescoping ladders. Some houses require bigger ladders.

My arsenal currently includes:
Werner MT-13 Multi-position Ladder
Werner MT-17 Multi-position Ladder
Werner MT-22 Multi-position Ladder
Xtend & Climb 760P telescoping ladder
Xtend & Climb CS155 telescoping ladder
Werner D1228-2 28 ft extension ladder
Werner D1236-2 36 ft extension ladder

On larger houses sometimes more than one ladder is used, for example if I’m using the

  1. ladder-on-ridge technique
  2. ladder-on-lower-roof technique
  3. ladder-on-ladder technique

I do not recommend techniques 1 or 2.
I strongly do not recommend technique 3.

Stay safe out there.


I’m pretty sure #3 is in the standard exclusions clause.

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That’s good stuff right there!


How bout the upside down A frame ladder on stairs? I could never be an employee…

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I can’t remember the last time that my 17’ Little Giant Leveler wasn’t enough. And for the weight/size vs functionality… I haven’t found a better one in that class.
Admittedly I tend to avoid 2nd story roofs, but I do have a 36’ Werner at the ready in case getting a real up close and personal look at that 2nd looks like it’s an absolute necessity (a good set of binoculars and a 40x+ camera keep that situation at a minimum, and like Bert said… check the property out online first so you know what to bring). I’m personally not a fan of the telescoping ones as they don’t leave me convinced of support and stability.


I use a 16 telescoping and love, you can take it anywhere you go, fits in the truck and light. Well worth the money.

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Oh the irony…LOL,I’ve seen you on a ladder Bert! :laughing: :rofl:


Two suggestions.

  1. Avoid using a ladder indoors that was used outdoors. It can leave an unexpected mess. If you forgot to clean dirt off the feet the last time you used it, that dirt then gets ground into the carpet. Or you get dirt on a rung, and then inside that dirt gets onto your shoes and when you come down the ladder you track that dirt onto the carpet. Also, if you wear booties in the house, take them off when climbing ladders, they tend to cause slippage.

  2. I got an 8’x10’ canvas drop cloth that I bring in with the ladder. I spread that on the floor to catch all that insulation that falls and place the ladder on the drop cloth to avoid leaving a dirt spot on the carpet, or I drape the drop cloth over the clothes in the closet to keep stuff from falling on them when going into attic. Works as good or better than bringing a little hand held vac to clean up the fallen insulation mess. But make sure you do one or the other, don’t leave the mess even if the house was messy. Those little things earn points with realtors, they remember who the tidy inspectors are…to use again I hope.

Good luck.

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George, I have found that, for me, an old sheet or two works well, stays on clothes in closet and is easy to gather up to take outside and shake out.

Just a thought…

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George and Larry, good idea on the cloth to protect those nice clean floors.
I took your advice one step farther.

Logo on everything! :wink:


Nice, Bert!

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I hope they are all non slip

Just standard thick fabric (50%cotton/ 50%poly blend) same fabric as a heavy duty sweatshirt. Gildan brand. I guess it could be slippery on a hard slick surface like tile or stone. Good tip though. I’ll have to be careful if I find a slick surface under an attic hatch.