Lady of the House?

Todays best picture. I was shocked when I opened that closet door!! Anybody have a better caption??


My. Is that a NACHI streamlight in your belt, or are you just glad to see me?

i would say someone in that house has a stiff fetish.:shock:

Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy Jeans?

She’s all ready to go out. She has lipstick on.

Can you imagine putting that in your car for a passenger.

And just how long did it take you to inspect that closet…???:wink:

Inspect this, big boy… :wink:

Can you introduce me

Did you feel a silly boob?.. Oops! I meant LIKE a silly boob? :wink:

If that is the most disturbing thing you have found during an inspection, well then you aint’ seen nothing yet!:smiley:

I have found multiple bottles or oxycotin with no labels, I have found every item that is listed in the “toys” section of an adult site ( in one closet). I have found bales of weed. I have found cash, I have found some very nice glass bongs.

I once found about a kilo of weed hidden behind a water heater.

It seems folks will try to hide stuff, but they just do not get the HI process. I love it and think it is entertaining and I never report it unless it is a meth lab or similer.

But how did you know it was oxycotin?

David I was wondering the same!