lady spent $10,000 to Perma... still has problems

they should have told her to get an honest-exp’d PLUMBER to check possibility of problem in sewer/lateral line, NOT THEM for $250, hell no! Why? Because they have a vested interest, a personal gain to snatch from homeowners if they do it aka, they may certainly LIE about it just like when they lie about a supposed need for an interior system when the actual problems are exterior cracks etc in block foundation walls.
Jesus, i have refused jobs when there was a chance that part or all of the homeowners problem was a possible blockage etc in lateral line.

Don’t try n tell my azz these interior system companies are honest etc, bull-----****!

Highly likely she has a TWO part problem, one being the lateral line… two being exterior cracks etc on one or more F-walls… NEITHER is fixed/repaired by installing an interior system which is w t f they did

Yeah yeah yeah, there are a few homeowners who do NOT ‘get’, don’t understand what one tells them… won’t fix ALL the problems, I fix ONE! So if you have two or three things/problems that require OTHER contractors to fix, to stop ALL the ways water is getting in, then that is on YOU Mr and Mrs homeowner… yes it is!

It’s when these morons don’t inform you thoroughly or at all… and that is most of the time, got it?