6 on your side, man buys house......

…that he can’t move into.

A more appropriate title for story would be something like, Homeowner can’t move in because another inside basement system company installed bullshttt that did not repair, relieve the existing defects/causes of cracks in basement walls.

Incompetent, fraudulent self-serving azz hole companies!

The company/contractor is UNLICENSED and did not pull a permit.

The contractor says :45, “The house was in the condition it was in when we got here”. Guilty!!!
Since the house was in that condition when they were there then, g dammmmittt, they should have waterproofed the walls on the OUTSIDE beeeeeeeeeeeeecause, there are/were EXISTING exterior cracks in the basement walls!!! That’s where the water was/is entering.

And at least some of the causes of the cracks are on the outside so, installing wall anchors on the inside does NOTHING to reduce/relieve ANY exterior pressure against the walls and, no interior system or wall anchors repair the existing defects/the exterior cracks in walls, you azz wipes!!!

Notice the GRADE, it’s up to the siding… how HIGH do some home inspectors think/want the stupid fkg grade to be? More INCOMPENT bulllshttt.

This incompetent bullshtt by interior basement system companies happens ALL the friggin time!!!
And they are aided by some city inspectors, some home inspectors, some realtors and some in the media!!!
Loser, scamming mfrs.

1:00 mark in video, contractor LIES again, (these chumps are good liars, fk n a they are!!!)… says, Honestly I didn’t know anything about the permits being a requirement… BULLLLLL-----shttttt mfr!
Here is this guys website, in part it says they supposedly have 20 years of experience…? Really?

And you know nothing about permits being a requirement?
And you know nothing about being licensed?
And the website also claims the owner has trained over 50 dealers around the U S and Canada.

Same shtt happened here (photos in link), wall anchors installed…
Some cracks have widened since the stupid azz wall anchors were installed! Basement still leaks, more mold etc.

Similar here, an interior basement system and sump pump was installed, cost $$$$$$… hey Mr inspectors, it fkkkkg cost the homeowner BIG money!!! ‘SOME’ home inspectors (including some Nachi inspectors) bulllshtt homeowners just like these inside system companies and tell homeowners exterior waterproofing is waaaaaaaay too costly and inside systems cost a lot less, what a crock of incompetent bullshtttt!

Hmmmm, i have NEVER heard, seen, read ‘Nachi’ recommend exterior waterproofing, nope.
Now why the hllll is that? Yeah, some of us know why.
They have however had/recommended INTERIOR basement system companies who have yapped and bs’d with some Nachi members at chapter meetings. Isn’t that nice.

Here’s another home inspector who says he has a quick tip FER buyers/sellers on HOW to identify moisture in a basement, and… he is way off, he is friggin WRONG man, incompetent on this subject

If any home inspector says this crap to a buyer/seller then that home inspector is absouley on the hook to LOSE that inspector fee and get sued!
He says at :45 mark, “9 times out of 10 (what he shows in video) this is caused by poor drainage on the outside…” NONSENSE! Incompetent! Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong Mr inspector!

And sure does appear there was an interior basement system installed here (perimeter floor) which yet again did NOT repair any of the existing exterior openings and did not stop the water that is still entering nor did it stop efflorescence etc, same old fkg bulllshtt.
Eh, wake duh fk up.

I like where he poked the stick through the foundation…:shock:

Hello Mr. Kage… loool yeah.

The seller and-or the bubblehead inside basement system owner from ‘Quality???’ put that drywall up to hide/conceal the wall anchors/plates… and numerous cracks.

Moron says he’s been in business for twenty fk me years and knows nothing about needing a license and permit. Just another steaming pile of American bulllshtt served right up front fer ya.

And then, the Better (NOT!) Business Bureau will arbitrate this fkg thing, huh? looolllll Sue the contractor, sue the fkg seller, period. If this shtt wasn’t disclosed, sue the basTERDZ.

Same type of negligent crap here in this short video, another wonderful interior basement system and sump pump was installed. They originally told the homeowner the cost would be $7,000… then bumped it up to $14,000, hmmm, that’s cheaper than exterior waterproofing… right? lololoooooooooooooooll

I feel the same way about the inside systems, see them on a weekly basis.
This is the last one I came across.

No one seems to care about the contributing factors of a wet foundation. This inside system is working (not so)great:shock:. And installed on a porous foundation to begin with.

Outside, 3 layers of roof, gutter only open about an inch, water dumps onto patio and steps settling the surfaces, open mortar joints at foundation, old below ground drainage. (Tar the joint between foundation and concrete:roll:) We fix nothing outside and install a entire wall control panel system over a terra cotta foundation. Dumb, rip off and for the cost of the inside BS they could of properly repaired at least the back wall and patio surfaces for the same amount.

Also by the look of the sump discharge I am fairly sure they connected the newer drain pipe to the old storm drainage.

This is one of many I have seen.

310815 072.JPG

310815 093.JPG

310815 005.JPG

310815 004.JPG

This was a few days before. A large, so called reputable structural expert did this repair. Lets just seal the FFing cracks above grade no one will see.:twisted:

What a waste of inside supports, how about we fix the outside contributing to a wet basement.

They are the so called specialist with the PE background.

I can take this house step by step and tell the client why the basement is wet and foundation is cracked.

(1) all gutters clogged
(2) Large tree affects structure, drainage
(3) Grade, drainage, window wells, hard surfaces need to be corrected.

But no leave everything FFFed up outside and add 6 inside supports at about 1K each. This is the repair by the expert, I ask What the F Mark B?

I see as much or more of this BS then you. I agree wholeheartedly. You can be hired to fix it (lucky for clients in your local), around here, the so called specialists are ripping off people, big time!!

Clients are being misinformed about the warranties for this BS systems and repairs.

I try to get my clients to see the big picture. Most are trying to fix the damaged areas (inside) but they are not correcting the source of the damage. (outside)

310315 007.JPG

310315 007.JPG

310315 007.JPG

310315 026.JPG

310315 022.JPG

310315 092.JPG

310315 101.JPG

Hello Dave, hope your doing well man. Nice photos, ty!
Just more negligent blshttt, the usual. Homeowners getting lied-to,their actual existing problems, causes are not getting repaired/fixed by these inside system bubbleheads and fairly often when permits have been pulled, the loser dumb az city inspectors actually… OK the installation, of the dumb azz permit of this garbage when, IF they knew wt f they are supposed to know to protect-inform the homeowners who pay their fkg salary, they be saying what WE are! loolll

Total negligence. Quite a few city inspectors around here actually FORCE us to, install the black plastic flexible perforated drain tile on any job, including all jobs that are 4"++++ deep, which are 99% of all jobs, loool.

The manufacturer of that shtty weak, light flexible drain tile clearly says, amongst other things, NOT to use, NOT to install that type of drain tile at depths greater than 4’ deep as it can-will collapse due to the weight of the backfill on top of tile. NEG—LI___GENT azz ho’s.

They okay the installation on interior systems and… loooooooooooooooool, make us install cheap, shttty lightweight drain tile outside when, again, the manufacturer of that drain tile says, do NOT use it at depths greater than 4" deep!!!@@@!@!#@!@@$!#@$$$^@%$!@@(((()()&&^

Here, another interior basement system and carbon fiber straps were installed here, still leaks… and, the guy doing the video is… ANOTHER interior system az wipe who is going to install… another interior system! #@@#!@!@!@!@#%^&^&(^&)&)&)&)&*)

He says Mid Atlantic charged homeowner $20,000.

Hmmm, many home inspectors try and tell my azz that interior basement systems are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper, cost much less!!! Another crock of American bulllshtttt.

In case anyone gives a shtt, here’s a manufacturer of the black drain tile buslhtttt and if one clicks the dumb link and scrolls down to… ‘Selecting Perforated Pipe’, the manufacturer in part clearly says, (are you reading and understanding Mr City inspectors???) …‘the load of the backfill material would cause a flexible plastic pipe to collapse’… and, 'We do NOT recommend the use of flexible plastic pipes at depths greater than 1.2 meters"…
Oxford Plastics…

I even hand fk me delivered this to 2 city building depratments and these bubbleheads told me, basically to go fk myself and told my azz, ‘The CODE says to use/install the black perforated shttballl drain tile and we go by the CODE’

Well sir, your stinky fkkkkg code is, wrong!#@!!@!@!@!@!!
YOU are wrong, you have forced us/others to install cheap shtty drain tile that can-will collapse, get crushed by the weight of the stinky fkg backfill.

These 2 city building departments tell us, they will not pass the inspection if we don’t install black plastic perf. drain tile at these depths, most (99%) of our jobs are at least 6’ deep. So now I’m telling every homeowner that I will NOT install this shttttt IF they continue tell us to and so far, every homeowner has told me, Marky boy, we are with you, go right ahead and we’ll deal with the city if need be.

Eh, which DINGBATS put THAT incompetent buslhhtttt in the CODE?
It sure wasn’t a fkg waterproofing/foundation expert.
Instead of having an inkling of common fk me sense and doing what would be BEST for the homeowners and their house, instead of bypassing the stupid fkkkkg CODE on this, these incompetent sobs apparebtly think, Oh if it’s code it must be right and it doesn’t matter what a manufacturer says or what this old man Mark guy knows, nah… code is best huh? Fk me.

So, while permits may be necessary in some cities, it does NOT at all mean the homeowner is getting, having done, what they really fkg need, what’s best for them, their house, nope. And as I said, these cities actually OKAY the installation of these interior systems!@#@#@%!@@#@!()()(_&&&* When it’s FKKKKING OBVIOUS, these are existing exterior cracks etc etc and THAT is what really needs to be done, exterior waterproofing, not the inside BULLLSHHHTTT

The inside system azz holes NEED to be SUED repeatedly… and so too do these fk me CITY azz wipe inspectors, g damn right.