Large Brick ledge on Stucco Exterior

Hello, I am a fairly new inspector and saw a concerning issue on a home I inspected recently. It is a country house, built in 1974. The exterior of the home appears to be traditional hard coat stucco. My concern comes in because of the entire perimeter of the home having a 4"-6" ledge of the foundation that extends beyond the stucco walls and interior framing. It looks like the original plan may have been to brick the home and they went with stucco instead. There is no visible flashing or anything that I can observe that would act as a preventative to water penetration. I did observe some small cracks in the stucco/slab joints, which again has added to my concern. Am I just way off, or should this be an area of concern?
Pic below.

industry standard over wood/metal frame
stucco has been required to have 2" clearance above any paved surface w/weep screed or now allowed perforated j-metal

i’d report the minimum requirement not being met and allow owner & contractor to decide on remedy

stucco industry standard
2" minimum above paved surface
4" minimum above finished landscape grade

no real way to fix because if conventional built 2x6 =1 5/8" high brick/sill ledge & they remove 2" of stucco to install the required weep screed they’ll expose the substrate & sill plate…definitely a worse scenario
note potential for moisture intrusion damage at the entire sill, if so, and let purchaser decide if they want the current owners problem**

i would have moisture metered at the interior perimeter sill/base mold & drywall wherever accessible

if you or your clients/realtors need an eifs/stucco moisture analyst infrared specialist feel free to contact me

Thanks, I may be referring you! Always good to know a trustworthy specialist for these types of issues. Do you travel to Lake Bridgeport/Wise county…???

i’ll go anywhere for the right price

have tools, will travel

if we can get us scheduled at the same you can earn while you learn, that is if you’re interested in some on site training
call or email is better anytime! i don’t do text ;~))

Pardon my ignorance, but if there were bricks instead of stucco, wouldn’t there also be weeps to allow moisture out? And if there were weeps for bricks, shouldn’t the stucco also have weeps? In other words is the issue here that there is no way for moisture to get out, as opposed to a way of moisture getting in? If I was the owner I would maybe think about removing the grass and replacing it with a 12" wide strip of landscaping plastic topped with gravel.

I have attached a typical brick ledge detail. If they built as per the detail, then I would only fault them for lack of weep screed.

other big rub is we can’t see how the envelope was constructed…when they fubar on the visible surface what’s underneath is usually worse

like i said, let purchaser decide if they want the current owners problem

It looks like a footing to me.

Say it all one more time BA