Large missile impact vs small missile impact

That was quick. I thought you were moderated:mrgreen:

Your ICC cert does not qualify you to fill out that form.

My friends call me Brad.

sometimes it takes a whole day to update and sometimes it’s a few minutes.

I am so F’n frustrated with you guys, you are killing our reputation and making us look like fools. I spend my own money and time to try and repair our reputation and you guys are doing this crap to people. You do realize you are causing people financial hardship because you’re just to lazy to stand up to the agents? It’s not right Brad…it’s just not right.

Bradley, wait til we have a storm and windows in condo units blow out. You will learn very quickly that the form you have been using are not the right ones. Did you ever stop to think that the insurance companies, as well has the home inspectors filling out the wrong forms, might just be breaking the law. By the way, that is considered insurance fraud. As a contractor you should do your own research and know what the administrative code says and what it means, and you should also know what the penalties for violating it are. Remember, ignorance of the law is not excuse!!!