Wind Mit Window Question

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the window information that is etched on them.
This window say’s MDCA (Miami Dade County Approved), but for what amount of cyclic pressure? What level of impact?

Gotta look it up by either brand name/manufacturer or file number. See the link in the links section of my website.

Large. And small if Dade approved.

Mike, where did you get your data?

it is my experience that anthing Miami DADE approved is large and small missile impact tested. Example accordians that say miami-dade approved are always large and small missile approved. I personally have not found anything small missile impact tested only yet. I may be wrong but that is just my personal view.

That stamp is glazing certification only and doesnt mean the device is “impact rated” ie: frames, mullions… Also technoglass has small missile impact rated glazing for example

is technoglass miam dade approved? He said that the glass was miami dade approved?

Glass or window?

I guess I am lost as well, and am not understanding something:roll:

It would not be my first time.

Let’s see you wiggle your way out of this.:roll:

Technoglass has a dade approval for glazing. They are a columbian glass manufacturer. They partner with window companies…The window companies have there own product approval for the opening protection devices. A glazing stamp, is not enough to certify the compliance of the entire unit. This can become tricky when dealing will glass walls and/or glass buildings such as the Fort Lauderdale airport… Hence the Citizen’s requirement for an engineer to complete a commercial opening protection verification affidavit.

No need to wiggle. When I am not sure I just call Dennis and ask.

He has done thousands of these and is a true expert.

I only try to help when I think I can. Sometimes I may be wrong but I am never afraid to be wrong.

I do not give a crap if someone see me being wrong and I learn from my mistakes.

At least I am a free thinker and not a sheep like you tom.

Cmon mr G.C. Mr wind mit MRS 4 point Don’t tell me you were napping during this lesson. And you call me an idiot…F…U and your license.

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I did what you did, looked of the MDCA, dead end. The ANSI number produced impacted information but no cyclic testing. So here’s my theory the ansi test is 1984, pressure testing wasn’t an issue until after hurricane Andrew (1992). So this is good safety glass but not current. Does that work with the property?

We’re neighbors and I thot I’d offer my opinion. I hope to use this forum for a resource when I get stuck. But it looks like a pretty rough group.

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Don’t be afraid sometimes you have to get cow poop on you to get to the milk! But the milk is worth the inconvenience :mrgreen:

Meeker, why is this Tom guy e-stalking you? I don’t really care for him invading my post with non-information.
It also appears that he is running some people off that could be able to help, otherwise.
Anyhow, here is a pdf that has some insight. It says that the Saflex glass is Miami Dade Approved until May 2011. However, it also says that it has NO missle impact rating.
What to do, what to do?