small missile impact

For condos and 1802, there is no box for smi but meets code > 30 ft= pissed off clients. Am I missing something?

Nope I just reviewed the form. No mention of sMALL MISSILE ANYTHING. gUESS cITIZENS TOLD THE oir TO OMIT THAT DISCOUNT :frowning:
damn caps

Used to be called basic

Yep. Citizens decides what stays and what goes and then tells the OIR what to put on the form.

It should be criminal that the OIR is regulated by Citizens and not the other way around :frowning:

Dennis, pretty sure it’s covered under B and under the ASTM 1886 and 1996 tests. Here is a link and hopefully it will tell you for sure.

I disagree as it only refers to LARGE missiles for windows. Please let us all know what all of you think and what you Dennis decide. See clip below:

������ B. Exterior Opening Protection- Cyclic Pressure and 4 to 8-lb Large Missile (2-4.5 lb for skylights only) All Glazed
openings are protected, at a minimum, with impact resistant coverings or products listed as windborne debris protection devices
in the product approval system of the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County and meet the requirements of one of the following
for “Cyclic Pressure and Large Missile Impact” (Level B in the table above):
 ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 (Large Missile – 4.5 lb.)
 SSTD 12 (Large Missile – 4 lb. to 8 lb.)
 For Skylights Only: ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 (Large Missile - 2 to 4.5 lb.)

Maybe it’s time to draft a memo to include in the report for underwriting. Kind of like what we used to do for FBC tile roofs on the old form. Most of my >30 ft. condos have Large and Small Missile products, so I haven’t come across this yet. I do know that windows and doors above 30’ have to also be rated for a higher design pressure than normal.

Small missile only is not on the form. It used to be and still is on the type 2. The 1802 is not meant for condo units , but required anyway.

That is all anyone has ever asked of me was the 1802 on condos. I give what they ask for :slight_smile:

Es windows makes a bunch of smi windows and doors and are very common these days in s. Florida.

Also 1802/condos and type 2/3 are not covered in any approved class , so there is nothing to reference.

I have not come across them yet. Who is ES?

Google it mike.

I don’t wanna. I’m eating home ,made chicken pot pie :slight_smile:


What ever came of this?

I inspected a condo unit on A1A today. It’s on the 9th floor and the single hung windows are Small Missile Impact Rated.

I think Bradley has the right idea of writing a letter similar to the “tile letter” for the old form.

This situation with the small missile impact rated glazed openings is similar to the situation with the unprotected glass block outside of the HVHZ. Unprotected glass block outside of the HVHZ is acceptable even though this is mentioned nowhere on the form.

Has anyone received feedback from an underwriter about this?

No update here, i just advise the client of the discrepancy within the system and document what exists

Thanks, Dennis.

We’re going to push to put it on the MIT-BT II & III form and scrap the 1802 for this one.