Last night the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors unanimously approved InterNACHI's...

Last night, the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors unanimously approved InterNACHI’s free, online How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes course.](

Way to go Nick another one bites the dust. When are they going to learn that resistance is futile !
That by the way is great class .
D. Fackler
W. Central Florida

Got the official approval letter today:

Aren’t boards stupid and useless?

I think this thread certainly proves they are slow. Look at the date of the original post in this thread, then look at the date on their formal letter:

And as a side note (Jim Bushart is going to love this one)… The Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors has a representative of the Manufactured Home Industry on it (mandated by the original legislation), hence the requirement to take this course.

Good thing there isn’t a representative from the Hula Hoop industry on the board! :wink:

Russell, it is so awesome that you made an example of this thread. The manufactured home industry representative on the board represents the manufacturers of the product the license holders inspect. What are they doing on OUR board??? KY is a perfect example of what I mean when I say “be careful what you wish for.”

If our message board is any indication of the level of confusion that exists among home inspectors who continue to use the terms “manufactured home” and “modular home”, interchangably … I think that successful completion of this course should be mandatory for membership.

With that being said, the idea that a mobile home salesman is sitting on a home inspector licensing board is just plain wierd. No wierder than the ambulance chaser and used house salesman sitting on the Kansas licensing board … but still wierd, none the less.

Home inspectors are their own worse enemy. Without them pushing these silly legislative efforts and supporting the used house salesmen who do, we wouldn’t have such nonsense.

It’s time to start repealling these laws. State governments have more important things to focus their dollars and attention on, IMO.

Jim -

To be upfront, most of us thought the RE Broker would rip us. Quite the contrary, he was a straight shooter AND the only one I ever really saw stand up and fight the attorney or Jeff Barnes on issues that could have hurt the inspectors / Several times he kept things straight. He chose to NOT go another term and stepped off 1 year ago.

His replacement is a lady appraiser that nobody has met or really heard of.

Home inspection boards are worthless. Why have laws if you do not enforce or police them? Having an appraiser on our board here in Kansas just shows you how unprofessional these boards can be. Board members are there for one reason: to help themselves; no one else.