Latest DIY product being pushed on Network TV

I saw a commercial on Network TV for this the other night. Anyone run into one of these yet? I shivered as I watched it, as I was envisioning all the DIY’ers jumping in to get this, and the nightmares beginning.

They work great. I installed one in my wife’s aunt’s basement last year. I will be putting one in my son’s basement during the conversion this summer. It was a pretty easy install.

Yes very common in Canada .
I have inspected at least 20 No one I know has ever had a problem .
I have a friend in Nova Scotia he has had his for about 15 years I think .
This one is from an Inspection I did in July 2008

I haven’t had any real experience with this type of system, but I don’t believe you could use a 3/4” discharge for waste for any great period of time before this becomes an issue, not to mention a buildup of waste in the case itself.

:-k What about the water supply?

Takes the same water supply as a Regular bath room .
You can discharge a sink Tub or shower .
As I aid before every one I have inspected worked Fine and have never heard a complaint.

Thanks for the replies. How, if at all, did you guys report on them?

I’ve not seen them but they appear like a sanitary pump with vent, backflow valve, etc.

How long does the motor last on it?

Better than the old electric burning toilets i worked on lolol

Nice “S” trap on the first video.

No idea ( this is from post #4 )
(I have a friend in Nova Scotia he has had his for about 15 years I think .)

("Thanks for the replies. How, if at all, did you guys report on them? ")

Same as I do on a regular toilet if it is functioning properly then I say nothing .

I do verbally explain how they work and I have not had any complaints about them

A friend of mine and I put one in his shop and we used it to pump the water over to the house. Not the recommended installation and that was known when we did it. It has been trouble free for 4 or 5 years. We used 1" soft copper as the discharge.

I see them occasionally. Haven’t seen any problems with them. Good for after the build bathroom additions. A lot less expensive than putting one in the floor.

Around here, there’s a lot of sewage macerator pumps installed in the basement floor for basement bathroom during original construction.



I like the S-trap on the sink:D

I’ve installed/inspected quite a few of these over the years and the only problem I ever ran into was the discharge.

Plumbers seem to like to reduce the discharge pipe to fit it in between tight spaces. The result is clogging with multiple flush to discharge waste.

All of the one’s I’m familiar with require a 2’’ discharge. Other than that these work great.


Would anyone who has inspected these, and reported on them, please elaborate on how you reported it?

Also, anyone who has inspected them, and not included it in their report, please discuss why?

I’m not looking for exact verbiage, just the ‘jist’ of what you are saying.

Thank you.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][FONT=Comic Sans MS]A 2” makes much more sense than a 3/4 “discharge, I personally had a problem with only a 3/4”discharge. I do have to agree the install does appear to be quite easy, especially on a slab foundation.[/FONT][/FONT]