My Daughter is in the Air Force

My daughter just graduated from OTS at Maxwell AFB. She is a 2nd Lt and just arrived at her first duty station in Anchorage Alaska. She is a RN.

I wondered if OTS would remove the little girl and it did. Her Mom and I are very proud.


Good for her …and glad for you and Mom too .

That’s great Greg!

Semper Fi


congrats to you and her. Tell her for me…Thank YOU for serving!

Best wishes to her endeavors !

Congrats! I know that she had to work hard for it. Ask her if she knows Lt. Sabala.

I take it she will be at Elmendorf AFB? We were stationed there when I was a kid. Hope she enjoys it.

My oldest son is stationed at Moody AFB

Very cool!

Way to go. Tell her thanks from my family and I :slight_smile:

Outstanding Greg. My son Justin is due to improcess his squadron as a new 2nd Lt as well 28 May. He will be starting pilot training. You did well dad.

Congratulations Greg.

You should be very proud, Greg…Congratulations…

Congrats Greg.


Congrats Greg
My Son is stationed at Peterson, in 2 weeks he is going to Dover Mortuary detail

very nice

Congrats Greg! Very nice…


Thanks guys. I think all parents want to see their kids have a better life.

To be honest her mother deserves most of the credit.

Thanks John

Semper Fi buddy

Very nice Greg and should be proud as you should be.

My son was a Combat Medic in Iraq and brought back the Medal of Valor at the end of his tour.
We were a nervous reck for 13 months of that tour. :slight_smile: