Laugh of the day

Sinks are made to suck out the water from the sink so why not use a vacuum

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bob, the filter needs to be cleaned.

They forgot to put the drain pipe in a circle so they would have a trap .

It sucks not blows.
Remember the difference fella…:slight_smile:

Did it function as intended?

Todays inspection :slight_smile:

I have a pic somewhere of a car radiator hose being used in this matter, just to keep things cool…

Heres one from today. This is a 2010 home.
Plumbers putty. And it still leaked!!

That’s a special waste disposal trap, didn’t you know.

Yeah that one is on a NACHI slide presentation for when you go public.
I have used it several times and is called redneck repairs or something like that.

I have a canned comment I use for that one.
Something about how putty is an indication of repair or non professional installation and will need to be replaced or monitored though it is not leaking at this time.

Pretty common actually as is the lack of a reverse trap on the dishwasher hose.

I put one up that had Good Year written on the side as waste line. With the comment as far as I know Good Year has not been approved for CSA approved plumbing DWV. LOL

406 Wallace Terrace May 31 2012 075.JPG

Smooth walls at least.
Perhaps it complies.

OK Bob that is connected to an ABS 90 degree elbow. How on god’s green earth could it be compliant with Plumbing Codes?

Kevin I am focused on the Goodyear material not the rest of the unfocused and blurry macro shot.

I am not able to see the rest of the picture.

I agree with Bob. The quality of that GY hose will most likely outperform ABS anyday!

Since when do you care about codes???

Must be the season… My offering from one of my inspections last week. This was in a flip house, garage converted to bed and bath. This piece of artwork also didn’t have a vent of any kind.