Lead Paint Testing Certification


Trying to find an on line course to get Certification or education that I can send to the EPA to get their certification. They do not currenly offer course but will require certification by 2010 for those working with homes that may involve lead based paints.



To become a lead certified tester you must take a 3 day course, Im taking a 3 days course and than a 2 day course for my lead risk assessor and both give you a nys or whereever your from an indian region NY is region #2

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Regarding the EPA’s new RRP rule going into affect April 10, 2010, there are only two main categories of certification at present. The first is the Certified Renovator, which is a one-day course, available now or very soon from an accredited training provider near you. As of Dec 15th, there are 102 recognized EPA accredited training providers. Check their website at EPA.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm for the list, and for the frequently asked questions, and for the link to how Realtors and rental dwelling companies should be getting prepared.

The other category, is the one you are interested in I believe, that’s the Certified Dust Sampling Technician. Again, this is a one day class. Be aware that the Rule provides specifically how Renovators can meet clearance without dust sampling using a “clearance card”. Dust sampling is the option (more expensive because of the lab fees) that will be recognized as the end to any argument, however. Many Renovators may elect to go this route for the CYA aspect, and pass the costs along to the owner. HUD funded property renovations will continue to require dust wipes for clearance, regardless of the EPA. If you operate in a state with it’s own Lead Program, you would first have to be accredited by the state to gather dust wipes, then still take the one day EPA course so you know where in lay the differences. Believe me there are plenty of differences.

Not to discourage you, but just like the Renovators, you will have to send EPA a fee of $500 (good for 5 years) along with your application so that your “firm” is approved to conduct this clearance dust sampling. You will not find an on-line course for either, because of mandatory hands-on activities, which you will be graded on and must pass.

If you operate in a state currently with a Lead Program underway, but one that is not identical to EPA’s rule, like I do here in Maryland, then I still have to take a class (could be half-day instead of full day), and pay my $500, even though I’m already a Maryland LBP Risk Assessor/XRF Technician/Visual Inspector/Dust Sampler/Lead Abatement Supervisor & Worker Course instructor, and soon to be EPA Renovator course trainer too. Do I have a choice?

I was informed during a recent online “trainer the trainer” webinar, that EPA will begin an active campaign sometime after Jan 1, 2010 to get the word out about requirements, the April 22, 2010 deadline, etc, including threat of enforcement to the tune of $32,500 per violation. Gulp!

Hope this sheds some daylight on your question.
Good luck