This sure isn't copper.

I thought I would try to post these pics. (don’t know if it would work). I don’t see many pics of this in this plumbing section. So I thought I would contribute.



was this home being lived in at the time?

those pipes look to me like they’ve gone through
a freeze cycle, burst, and split open…

Yes this house is currently being lived in by a family with two children and another on the way.

The water is flowing through this service pipe on the way to the meter.

What is it Lead to Galvanized?

not galvanized pipe.

I’m sorry dale…I missread your post…yes it was.

Lead to Brass?

Brass to Lead?..:smiley:

The suspense is killing me Dan!

Dis…Regard this than…!

:smiley: sorry it was lead to galvanized.


Are you working my my neck of the woods again?:wink:

Lead piping…I have the same thing in my building…:shock:

.is tis sumptink wong width LeAd butt I kan’t re-memsber…hmmm
Oh I rezmember It MAkE yous Soup-id…:mrgreen:

Thas mi egg-cuze:|.)

:smiley: :smiley: Actually it was Lansing.