I’ve had two inspections this week where the main water line from the street was lead.
In my report I reported the line was lead, recommended the water be tested for lead and if there was no lead I recommended that it be tested annually.
I don’t know if either buyer had the water tested but one buyer back out because of the lead. The agent on the canceled deal was upset (they all are) and said it’s been there 100 years and no one has died.
Would any of you report this different.

I report all instances of Lead piping used for the water supply, whether from the street, or in the home.

If it has been there for 100 years, I bet several people have died!

hohohhohohoho I would not take that bet David.

And yes, reporting the lead was the right thing to do. :smiley:

Your job is to report the facts, nobody has to like them. Sleep well.

Not only do I report lead supply pipes, I recommend replacing it. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t mind drinking from a lead supply pipe.