Leaky basement 2 areas, an interior system previously installed

Inside view of the 2 areas, chimney area had INT system installed, this area leaks a TON = good for the new carpeting etc

outside view of vertical crack under concrete patio, i saw cut the stupid concrete in order to properly waterproof the crack

tar aka roofing cement after hydraulic cement applied, backfilled with all gravel

exterior view of chimney walls, RECT-- rod holes lol, cracks, holes/openings in ledge etc

ummm can one see WHY interior systems don’t stop water from entering ext-cracks etc, huh? lolol

not one word was said or noted by HI about back wall crack, nor INT system where chimney is and some basement windows were installed upside down and so on for $800 ? Hey i’m all for good HI’s getting $$ what they deserve, no shtt but NOT this HI, nope