Leaky basement, block wall, some efflorescence

Grosse Pointe Woods
here’s a view inside the basement

before i forget, there are some deteriorated mortar joints and caulking needs around back door etc ABBOVE grade, above the wall.

outside view of the dig, of the exterior cracks that were allowing the water in basement

the exterior corner crack is not visible when you eyeball the inside of the corner n so, some exterior cracks in these block and brick basement walls are NOT visible inside basement. Just because you may not see any cracks on the inside of these walls does not ever mean you don’t have 1+ exterior cracks in the dang wall (s). Just another way the inside drainage system chumps SCAM people.
(Look, there’s no crack on inside of your wall Mrs Jones, what is that old man Mark talking about? You have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor and need our interior system and sump pump $$$$) Notttttttttttt.