Block foundation wall, leaky basement, NO VISIBLE crack on inside of wall....

but there sure as shtt is an exterior vertical corner crack and cracked-loose-parging around the old gas line etc.
Basement waterproofing - YouTube
INSIDE basement, eyeball the block wall, the left corner… you don’t see a vertical crack in block wall BUTTTTTTT, watch the 2nd video and what do ya see loolllolll yeah uh huh

OUTSIDE same house
So one important POINT is, just because a home inspector or city inspector or homeowner or the interior drainage system butt-heads don’t see any crack on the inside of a block or brick foundation wall NEVER means there aren’t 1++ existing exterior cracks/defects in the foundation wall… which is where the water is getting in!!! hahhahaaa omg
So instead of doing what we just did, exterior waterproofing the homeowners problem/leaky area… quite a few knuckleheads would rather install an interior water diverting system that’ll cost much more and will NOT stop further water from entering and that means they won’t stop/prevent mold, efflorescence etc on the inside