leaky basement, homeowner already had several inside misfits over

Part 1, inside the basement

–ran a water test (hose), ran the water from ground level DOWN only, NO water entered the basement.

–then sprayed the windows and… uh huh, water entered.

:20 Q… to the homeowner, you had other estimates sir?
A yes I did.

:30 Q… none of them told you the windows could be part or all of your problem?
A no… they put a meter… moisture meter looool, already know he gets water in, duh!!

:45 Q… did they want to sell you an inside system?
A Oh yeah… thousands of dollars.

NO interior basement system with 1,000 sump pumps would have stopped further water from where it is actually entering, got that?

Part 2, outside

ummm, somebody added soil and placed plastic on the outside, and bags.
THAT… will not caulk/seal/replace the windows, the openings-gaps around the windows that are ABOVE ground level, got that?

One more point on this homeowner… needs to do 1 more water test…ground level down, take maybe 20 minutes. If he leaks when running the water on the other side of this window area then he will need about 7’ of waterproofing done, on the outside. If he doesn’t leak when doing that water test then all of his problems, openings (that allow the water to enter), are above ground.

As usual, we did not charge the homeowner 1 lousy cent

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