On some of your home inspections you will not see any cracks in basement walls

but they DO leak, seep and they DO have EXISTING defects on exterior of foundation wall as in these short videos, and they pretty often have some efflorescence of discolorment on inside basement wall but as always do what YOU like lollll

DETERMINE, identify each homeowners problem (s),

2 different areas this lady was getting water in where the bottom of the foundation wall meets the basement floor… chimney area and small part of front wall

Here’s why the front leaked… Grosse Pointe Farms


Water FIRST got into hollow blocks through those exterior openings, the water stayed INSIDE the cores of blocks and then it dropped down through the lower blocks where it eventually (gravity eh) wound up in the bottom blocks and then came out onto basement floor

here’s short video of inside basement

here were most of the problems with chimney area, where the water was FIRST getting in the hollow blocks

And before i took the job, before i take ANY job… doing a water test for free (this is going to change) to correctly 'n honestly DETERMINE how-where the water is first-entering

How much is it worth to you Mr and Mrs homeowner to have your actual problem (s) honestly determned BEFORE you spend ONE cent? The inside system people told homeowner she needed an interior MORON scam system that would have cost MUCH more money and basement would still have water entering through the exterior openings you saw in videos! lolll i mean hello!

Many hire the wrong person/company for their leaky basements, YES they do, see it all the time throughout 40 years, hence these videos. Honest experienced contractors are often overlooked, undervauled and rarely appreciated in todays world.

When was the last time anyone saw an INT system knothead do a water test that would have correctly identified homeowners problem, for free? NEVER.

What about the INT system morons who never tell homeowners who have a blockage in lateral line or are just getting water in through, around, under a basement window, they do NOT inform the homeowners they just need a plumber or new basement window or just need to seal the grade/brick ledge that has openings just below ground level, like this homeowner…

Everdry told them they needed to spend $35,000 on an INT system… really?
HERE were their problems were the water FIRST entered, fixed for $350, NOT a drop of water in since

HERE was the water test i did, for free lol, to show them, to prove to homeowners where the water was FIRST getting in

Everdry… $35,000 EH? THEY HAD HOMEOWNERS SIGN CONTRACT, RUSH RUSH RUSH, THEN HOMEOWNERS HAD 3 DAYS TO FIND ME, how much am i really worth to ya? yeah

Way to go, Mark!

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Soil above the top of the sill plate can be identified by a home inspector in most cases. They way I typically accomplish this on a brick home (since I cannot excavate) is I find a starting point which will identify the level of the sill plate…such as a door threshold. I can then follow that mortar line along the ground. And sure enough, especially on older homes the soil will be above that sill plate which is wrong!

I love these videos Mark, Thanks for sharing.