Leaky basements, foundation cracks, what some home inspectors do NOT understand....

You need not go any further than the title of their video.

Waterproofing & Fixing Basement Foundation Leaks with Ames Blue Max & Seam Tape

A painted-on rubber coating is neither waterproofing nor is it a “fix”. As you have said, it is really only a temporary stopgap measure. Rubberized coatings are applied all the time to the exterior of foundations and only referred to as “damp proofing”. It’s counterintuitive to allow water to infiltrate all the way to the interior surface of the foundation wall and then refer to that as “waterproofing the foundation”. A true fix will always be to repair from the exterior and prevent moisture from the exterior first.

These type of claims and advertising mislead consumers and leave people with bigger problems down the road.

Their product might be a good vapor barrier in a finished basement wall assembly, but it is not foundation waterproofing.

Per McEwen, umm, what does it prove? lool It proves he waterproofed many basements/walls, on the exterior, he has no complaints, lawsuits versus the inside system turds.

He has seen WHY basements leak and how to diagnose the problems and fix 'em.

That’s what i/we have done, 36 years. Sheesh.
Here is MI, one is suppsoed to be state licensed, insured, can’t speak for the states that have no licensing etc requirements, that’s a problem.

That’s like some home inspectors who think they understand this subject but don’t and recommend supposed bllsht solutions to sellers/buyers, I’ve seen it throughout 36 years, these mfrs need to be sued cuz apparently, that’s what might wake em up.

Eh Ron, all due respect man, am sure you are a good home inspector, good man etc… but you are, have been, proving my case on THIS subject sir.

Its why most HI’s should NOT be recommending squat to homeowners.
Those who hire a home inspector to diagnose their leaky basement thinking they are getting an UNBIASED opinion are actually getting, from most, an incompetent opinion.

Blue Max huh? lool
Under the video, they state… ‘waterproofing and FIXING basement foundation leaks’
I’m saying and know, that is a bunch of crap. Its misleading IF one understands this subject.

Say it again, applying Blue Max on the inside of block walls, as they SHOW in that video is NOT going to 'FIX" the leak, the actual problem because the actual problems are on the exterior of the block walls, hello!

What they SHOULD be showing and telling homeowners is, either, do a water test w/a hose on the outside to prove, show, they are getting water inside because…something is open, allowing water in, on the outside…the cracks.
Or, as i have done sometimes is, take a dang shovel and dig down a little bit on the exterior, when you see a crack on the inside…to show them, yep, see this crack? Its WHY, and where, water is entering.

You said in your last post, ‘fixing the problem can be done in MANY ways’
How so?

One moooooore time, there are exterior cracks in the block walls so, there is ONE, lone way to ‘fix’ those problems, exterior waterproofing, period.

When did temporary, become a fix, a solution?
And its not temporary fix…lol jesus.
The problems are exterior cracks so that is where they should be spending their cash, on fixing the actual problems once, and for all.

Not applying stuff on this inside and then waiting, praying, "oh my God honey, do ya really think this stuff will work?

‘Well baby doll, the guy in the video said it would’

And so now, Ames is an EXPERT on this subject… huh? loool

I have never seen a water proof from the inside that worked .
The inside water control does not stop the water or the interior humidity .
No way would I ever recommend it or use it .Big money for a very poor system … Roy

‘it claims to stop the leak, where is this misleading?’

Really? loll funny.

How many times do i need to repeat, loool, it does NOT ‘stop’ the leak,

There’s one way to stop that leak, exterior waterproofing.

Ron, lool, water will continue to enter the block wall, through the stupid exterior cracks so… how would applying Blue Max STOP the leak???

No one is recommending this Roy!!!

They, Ames, do not say to unknowing homeowners that, its a temporary fix.

They say, its a solution. They say, ask, do you have annoying foundation/basement leaks? Ames Blue Max IS the SOLUTION for you.

That’s what they say.
They don’t say temporary, they don’t say anything about exterior waterproofing or that there are existing exterior cracks which is where the water is entering

It does NOT matter if the stuff is elastic or not. loolool

Per waiting on a contractor, yeah, i would wait, sure.

If you have a leaking roof, you wait until you find, hopefully an experienced and honest roofer… you wait until he gets his azz there, yep.

Now, could you toss a tarp(s) over the roof, leaky area? Sure, go ahead but it doesn’t ‘FIX’ anything now does it.

I may get into selling PET ROCKS as it seemed to be a bit of a hit back in duh day. Some people, i heard, talked to their pet rock, just as if it were a real doggy! woof woof

They didn’t back up, what they claim, what they mislead about.

Tell ya what, let’s call Ames, and find another leaky basement, just like the one in video.

You, Ames people, the homeowner with the leak and my old az will meet there.

Go ahead and let them apply 50 coats of their stuff on the inside, where the cracks are in the block wall.

Then i’ll go outside and a) dig it down and show ya’s duh cracks…
and b) i’ll run a water test with a hose to recreate a good rain, and we’ll all see whose right and who is misleading. :mrgreen:

Placing a hose on the ground , near a basement wall and letting it run, recreates a good soaking rain, period.

And if there is a crack or hole etc in the basement wall, its going to leak… just like when any of us get a good soaking rain, yep.
Its very much representative of whats going on and a good, honest, UNBIASED way to see/tell whether or not a homeowner has a crack etc in their basement wall.

I’ve done exactly this for decades, especially for some homeowners who have finished basements and who don’t want to remove any of their drywall etc

Water, running a water test, doesn’t lie, people do especially those inside system co’s who live on Shady Lane.


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