Leathal combination??????

The first Pic shows the entry into the attic I wonder how many large HI’S or should I say fat HI’S would have disclaimed this entry hole as being to small. Once into the attic the hot water heater vent disconnected and within 4 feet of the open return air vent.:roll:

When I arrived this morning the A/C unit was turned off and the inside temp was above 80 I let the A/C unit run while I made my outside rounds and the roof. I had just felt of the suction line while outside and knew that there was a problem because the suction line felt to warm to me even on a warm house.

After running the A/C for approximately 45 minutes the inside temp fell to 76 but the supply was only reading 70. My mind was churning telling me that the return in the attic had to be open and sure enough that is what I found.

There were also 3 supply ducts under the home that were disconnected cooling the crawl space.

This was probally the worst abortion that I have inspected in a while. So many issues it will take a book to write. Furnace was installed in a bedroom closet with improper combustion air. Had to unscrew the closet wall to locate the furnace. The condensate was dripping out of the bottom of the furnace supply air plenum under the home. No ridge gas pipe into furnace cabinet. The supply plenum was constructed around a gas and domestic water supply piping.


Y’ know…I spent nearly forty years in an HVAC business and came across a whole bunch of “doozies”. But that has to be the “dooziest”.

It’s one thing to find individual, really gross issues, but that many done on purpose is way too much.

Somebody just don’t care enough to be the very best they can be.

That’s what I would tell the people who worked with me–“Care enough to be the best you can be”. (Credit Hallmark and the US Army)

Yea J What really got my goat the A/C unit and furnace was an 05 model and someone just installed new units on a pile of junk duct work and never even looked to see what kind of shape or condition the rest of the system was.

I’m currently “battling” with an HVAC company over the gas-fired clothes-dryer vent that passes through the return-air plenum.

They want me to tell my client that it is perfectly acceptable :roll:

Is that the new plenum rated gas vent. :smiley:

That should not be a battle at all you should win hands down. Drop a dime to the gas Co they will shut the gas off in most places and see who wins that one.

You would think. The HVAC company want me to “sign-off” on this, because it was “built like this originally in 1997.”

I’ve told them I will not endorse this installation, nor will I tell my client that it is acceptable. They are making idol threats, but I’m not budging. They don’t want to put anything in writing either - I wonder why. . .

I couldn’t get the picture to load properly, but here is the report page showing the inside of the plenum. . .

No fault here I would have held to my guns also.