Ledger Strip

Is this acceptable method using a ledger strip.

It seems to me the nails could easily pull away and joist hangers would be more secure.

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My first thought is that ledger should be continuous.

That is a good point!! Thanks.

Doing inspection tomorrow. Did the exterior yesterday when I set up radon test.

Just thinking of some good report verbaige.

l would bet there is NO flashing behind the ledger board. Let us know.

It seems it is rare to find a flashing these days.

Is the ledger board bolted to the house? That’s a must to help prevent pulling away from building.

Recommendation I use for ledger strips …
Ledger strips can be used in lieu of hangers or wall bearing. Ledger strips
are to be 2” x 2” minimum and anchored with 3 - #16 nails * spaced 2” – 3”
apart under each joist location.

The ledger is fine…
And just to let you know… a typical 10d - 16d nail has 200 lbs of holding power…how man nails and ledger strips are needed to support each joist…
it would have been nice to have the 2x2 ledger be continuous however it is not required.

There should be flashing behind the band joist and the band should be bolted with 5/8" galvanized bolts. (nails should be galvanized as well).

Just for clarity since there are those who are not familiar with basic framing practices…the 2x2 is the nominal size…which means the 2x2 is actually 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

One of the things I see more often are lack of bracing (deck over 48")…I think Nachi has a section on decks somewhere on the site.

Also look for screws being used to fasten joist hangers…these do not have the same shear strength approved nails.

National statdards call for flashiing OVER, not behind, the ledger board.

Hops this helps.

I don’t have a problem with it not being continuous. However, there are not enough nails. As someone has already said, there should be 3 nails beneath each joist. That one joist sitting on the edge of the ledge…I don’t see how you could nail it substantially with 3 nails. I don’t think the joist should sit on the edge of the ledger.

The ledger strip should be continuous as a standard practice to distrubute the load evenly among the fasteners.

It seems odd that I don’t see any toenailes in the framing members to the ledger and no fasterners visible in the ledger itself.

Floor joists should have a minimum of 1½" of bearing at each end. When joists butt into the side of a beam, a ledger strip can be nailed onto the beam to provide the necessary bearing surface. Ledger strips are typically 2" X 2" and are fastened to the beam with two 3¼" nails at each joist. :slight_smile:

You mean this is wrong? :mrgreen:

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Not back in those years Joe. :slight_smile: