Lesson Learned... always wear pants.

Metal attic hatch slipped out of my hands, slid down, the corner went into my calf about 1 1/2 inches deep, 2 or so inches long.

I used a bunch of paper towels and duct tape to stop the bleeding long enough to finish up, then went over to the closest urgent care center.

I took pictures.

Moral of the story: wear pants. Even when the temps are in the 100’s.




Nice. . .

Thanks Cheryl, I think I’m going to update my first aid kit in my truck. I havn’t had to use it in months and don’t have a clue what’s in it.


Where did you find a metal attic hatch?..“Mesa Charmer”…?

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

If you need somebody to help you with inspections, call BK, he said he is starving to death…:lol: …:stuck_out_tongue: …:lol:

I just did the same thing Peter. I have a first aid kit, and was suprised to learn that I did not have enough gauze for a cut that large. And the tape didnt stick. So, thats why I had to use duct tape and paper towels. So I made a trip to Walgreens and bought supplies.

tisk tisk a mear flesh wound…you shall be fighting in the morning, have a some tea and crumpets and buck up the yanks are comin.

Cheryl, your misfortune is a good wake up call. This is something you never think about until it happens.

Close, it was a “Chandler Charmer” :wink: circa 1982 (over by the air park) it was the type of attic hatch hidden behind a light fixture.

I dont believe that BK is starving to death. If I am busy, he has got to be busy. 14 out of the 20 this month have been bank owned, (vacant at least 6-12 months.)

Its not been as busy as I would like, but better than nothing. I have bookings through next Thursday.

Hmmm…I don’t think I ever seen one of them…:frowning:

Oh he is believe me…:stuck_out_tongue: …I keep telling him he has to say in Arizona if he wants to do inspections…he’s like a traveling salesman for krist sake…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch, Cheryl! Looks a little big for super glue…carry on.

i guess all of the sales are on the east side of the valley. 20 per month in this market isn’t too shabby.


I think BK does spend a lot of his time up in Sedona… maybe he is marketing up there…? :mrgreen:

The metal hatches that I have seen are on attics in hallways, usually hidden under a square light fixture. A bulb on a metal arm that folds up and doubles as a attic light. You have to remove the plexiglass cover to see the metal hatch. I will take a picture of it this weekend (I am meeting the buyer at the house on Saturday)

Hello Brian.

Can’t let the Trout population get totally out of control now can I? :wink:

I was looking for him last weekend at his famous trout stream, thank god he wasn’t there…:smiley:

Or at his Sedona house…:smiley:

Brian…I replaced the beer…don’t worry…:mrgreen:

Cheryl, sorry to see this… How are you doing now?

Hi Mark!

I just cut myself yesterday, so today its sore. It will be fine. Thanks for asking!

Say hello to your wife for me!

Started carrying a First Aid kit years ago while doing a roofing job. Spattered one of my fingertips with a framing hammer that glanced off a sinker (nail). Looked like I had butchered a hog up on the roof and I had to crawl down a ladder while applying pressure on the finger. Wrapped a couple of those fabric bandades around what was left and went back to work. I include Benadryl in the kit too for wasp stings and or fun events that we run into in this business. Hope your leg heals fast. It feels good when it stops hurting.:wink:

Wearing pants wouldn’t have made any difference except perhaps to bury some fabric inside your wound that would need to be dug out. But thanks to you I will be adding the largest size butterfly bandages to my 1st aid kit. Sort of reminds me of the time I buried the tip of a machete in my shin in Hivaro headhunter country way deep in the Equadorian jungle. No duct tape handy so needle and thread was the only way to go. I wish you a speedy recovery

For injuries in the line of duty the Nachi heart:D

no I am not being disrespectful, I was Army myself.