Pia and license

In the NACHI online PIA that I can foward to have a customer sign online, I can not find away to attach the SOP, or a business license, under florida law state you need to have both ahead of time. In the online agreement there is a link to click for the SOP but its not all written out. How do you do your PIA? And what if the realor wants a copy e-mailed to them as well, I know the report is the clients, but what if they want a copy as well. Do I need a written authorization to release the report?


One way to do add your SOP is to “Create New Template” then fill it in with your SOP, save it as “Steve’s SOP” then drag it over from the “Template List” and add it to your agreement.
It appears that you cannot attach (i.e. copy/paste) a pdf copy of your license when making a template in NACHI’s “My Agreement” system.
Another way to get a copy of your license is to email that separately but include a customer acknowledgement sentence in your agreement where they agree to separately receiving that pdf copy.
Maybe the NACHI crew can provide a better solution for this when using the NACHI agreement system.
It seems best to always get the client’s permission to release a copy of the report to the RE agent.

Great idea thank you. Would a verbal request from client be good enough to release the report or do I need something signed?

Check this link for an answer;

IMO - An email from your client giving permission to release the report is far better than verbal.

See post #5 on this tread;

Here is what I do …

see attachment

And this is the cover Disclosure Letter .

I have a page on my website with my license and the SOP. The customer is directed to that page and at the bottom of the page they have to type their name and email address into a form and click on the submit button to be taken to the log in page to access the inspection agreement.

Above the submit button is a statement that they have been provided with my license and SOP. The form is proof that they were there.

Can I copy that page off your site ?

I can’t put a link from my tablet, but go to my website and click on the sign agreement link on the left side.

Thanks already been done …
Check it out I call it Sign Disclosure Agreement

It might be my tablet but I didn’t see the SOP.

Does Florida now have an SOP?

Not yet… :wink:

I would call this a SOP

Roy I didn’t see an SOP on the link you provided?


I wouldn’t, that’s the licensure law it self. The SOP will be done by those given “rule making authority” under the law and will list out each of the components and systems we must (at a minimum) report on. Much like the NACHI SOP. Search the forum and you’ll see the last DRAFT version that was put out.

I agree it isn’t .
But !

468.8323 Home inspection report.—Upon completion of each home inspection for compensation, the home inspector shall provide a written report prepared for the client.
(1) The home inspector shall report:
(a) On those systems and components inspected that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or are near the end of their service lives.
(b) If not self-evident, a reason why the system or component reported under paragraph (a) is significantly deficient or near the end of its service life.
© Any systems and components that were present at the time of the inspection but were not inspected, and a reason they were not inspected.
(2) A home inspector is not required to provide estimates related to the cost of repair of an inspected property.

468.8311 Definitions.—As used in this part, the term:
(1) “Department” means the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
(2) “Home” means any residential real property, or manufactured or modular home, which is a single-family dwelling, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, condominium unit, or cooperative unit. The term does not include the common areas of condominiums or cooperatives.
(3) “Home inspector” means any person who provides or offers to provide home inspection services for a fee or other compensation.
(4) “Home inspection services” means a limited visual examination of the following readily accessible installed systems and components of a home: the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure, for the purposes of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the home.
History.—s. 2, ch. 2007-235; s. 16, ch. 2010-106; s. 8, ch. 2010-176.

468.8319 Prohibitions; penalties.—
(1) A person may not:
(a) Effective July 1, 2011, practice or offer to practice home inspection services unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.
(b) Effective July 1, 2011, use the name or title “certified home inspector,” “registered home inspector,” “licensed home inspector,” “home inspector,” “professional home inspector,” or any combination thereof unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.
© Present as his or her own the license of another.
(d) Knowingly give false or forged evidence to the department or an employee thereof.
(e) Use or attempt to use a license that has been suspended or revoked.
(f) Perform or offer to perform any repairs to a home on which the inspector or the inspector’s company has prepared a home inspection report. This paragraph does not apply to a home warranty company that is affiliated with or retains a home inspector to perform repairs pursuant to a claim made under a home warranty contract.
(g) Inspect any property in which the inspector or the inspector’s company has any financial or transfer interest.
(h) Offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to any broker or agent therefor for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or the inspection company.
(i) Accept an engagement to make an omission or prepare a report in which the inspection itself, or the fee payable for the inspection, is contingent upon either the conclusions in the report, preestablished findings, or the close of escrow.
(2) Any person who is found to be in violation of any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.