Licensed NJ home inspector calls his client the "N" word and "C" word.

Today, Joe Farsetta and I were asked to intercede in a complaint about an former NACHI member, current member of that other association, and currently New Jersey State licensed home inspector who left a threatening message on his client’s answering machine (I heard it myself) which among other things, used the “N” word and the “C” word in referring to the black, female client.

My reason for posting this is to ask, what part of the membership requirements and/or the State licensing requirements could be improved to prevent this in the future?

I think you all understand where I’m going with this. The answer of course is that we can’t possibly do anything to predict or prevent such incidents.

Simply demonstrating competence in our profession does not mean that one will do everything right all the time.


They are already there:

It’s simply a matter of enforcement to see that people, such as the person you described, cannot publicly claim to be associated with us. I’ll bet that “other” association would feel the same way.

I would certainly think they would.

simply amazing…the lady should also take it up with the state and the inspector ( and i use that term loosly…) should be banned from ALL associations and lose their state license.

Call Michael Richards (kramer), he may have some insight and ideas how to make ammends!