How many inspector in the state of Florida are going for the Inspection and mold licenses?

All of them - eventually
Or they won’t be a Home Inspector come March 1, 2011

If your asking how many home inspectors there are in Florida, I don’t believe that there is anyway to know for sure. I would guess that you could take all the Internachi, FABI, NAHI, ASHI members that reside in Florida, subtract duplication of membership — multiply the entire number by 5 to account for those inspectors that are too cheap to pay membership to a society — then add 50% of all General, Builder and Residential Contractors that are actively licensed in Florida (no wait a minute, add the inactive ones doing wind mits) — then devide by Pi (3.14159) for good measure.

Thats about as good a guess as anyones. lol

Roughly 3,000 will apply IMHO.

Same problem we have here in Canada. Nobody knows how many inspectors there are or how many inspections they complete each year.