number of inspectors?

Just out of curiosity…
How many licensed home inspectors do we have now in Florida?

5772…as of right now

You beat me to it Russ. I was going say just under 5800, but your figure is more exact

Way to many for everyone’s good :frowning:

And almost 1/3 are INachi Certified, members that is. :shock:

InterNACHI Membership Statistic

Data last updated on Wed, 04 Apr 2012

United States (7,240 total)

Florida -1,696

And you contributed the least amount of money to the legislative cause.

No, InterNACHI members contributed the most money by far.

Got any proof of that Nick

Yeah, I got to meet with both FL Governors before and after licensing was adopted. Do you think they met with me because they like my pretty face?

Anyway, our exam was used to grandfather all our members for home inspector licenses, our mold courses were used to grandfather our members for mold assessor licenses, the FL DBPR approved our online courses for continuing education, the FL CILB approved our online wind mitigation course, our pre-licensing program got approved, contractors can’t offer repair services on homes they inspect, our Director of Education got approved as a home inspector instructor in FL, inspectors are exempt from the provisions of mold assessors licensing, and on and on.

How’d we do?

Now that is a loaded question, it really depends who you ask. Overall not too shabby! Of course we would all like the requirements to be much harder now. :mrgreen:

We are now watching the SOP developed, there is a meeting on it this month.

Freudian slip? :mrgreen:

Heard from the upcoming meeting: “any objections…Yes…OK, no objections,motion passed”. :mrgreen:

A couple of disclosures I should make:

  1. I’m not claiming I got all that done solely. Lots of others did lots of work.
  2. I’m only an industry advocate to the extent it helps InterNACHI members.

When it comes to funding our lobbyist, NACHI is way behind in dollars per inspector. There are a select few who have donated above and beyond the means. The majority are just sitting on their hands riding the coattails of the others.

FYI - there was a legislative fund set up. I forget who is in charge of it. Maybe they could chime in and enlighten us all.

Nope. No slip I found out last night from FABI

Russ and the council are making plans to attend as we speak.

“Yeah, I got to meet with both FL Governors before and after licensing was adopted. Do you think they met with me because they like my pretty face?”

I am not talking about your boastful meetings. Please give us an accounting of where that money went. Bribe money is one thing. Supporting our lobbyist is another. Per NACHI inspector, your organization has one of the lowest totals given.

I can not speak for FlNachi, but FLHII Chapter has given more than $7500.00 over the last year. We take the donations throughour legislative fund. Our biggest donors are Russ, followed by Nick and myself.

Russ is in charge of the funds for our chapter and speaks on the council for our group.

I am #5576 just got licensed in the beginning of march , but there is a bunch of inactive inspectors out of the 5576 I would say around 4800- 5000

To all the members who are trying to figure out who gave the most or who gave the least I say this. Who gives a darn what others are doing, what you need to be concerned about is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AND WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN! And if you are one of those sitting on your hands watching others as they give of their time and money to both the legislative fund and the home inspector charity shame on you. IT IS TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

As for the number of licensed home inspectors in Florida, at close of business today Murray Omari became inspector #5784.

#2 confuses me…because I see where it is only partially true. As long as it helps INTERNACHI…not necessarily its members.

Here is what I mean by that. What serves the members best? Well a good solid class of people performing professional services for those in need. By getting quality people you can then obtain a higher fee and the client has a good overall impression of the profession…

Now what serves Internachi best…to get as many damn people in the profession without care to ANYTHING…just send me the money…

Want 100% proof of this Nick? I will ask one simple and very specific question, you will have no valid response and it will bring everything to light…Just say the word and I will ask the question…but once asked a very specific and honest answer must be given…so be careful

See the difference? I can explain it to you again, I just can’t make you understand it…:slight_smile:

Now as far as giving money…can I really blame people for NOT giving? Not really, because what did we stand for? Who was in charge? What are the issues and what exactly is happening…

I mean why give money blindly and that is the reason information has been given lately. Right now the council is trying to get their bearing and to get items in place for the next legislative period.

I know very little and am just a pretty lucky guy. I do know that there are a ton of smart people in our profession. I know I can complete very little, but WE can complete anything. One of the coucil members sent out 250 emails and got 5 replies.

Things don’t 'just happen" people make them happen. Our profession is just now learning to crawl and in its infancy stages (goverment wise). Now is the time to shape it, build it, feed it and watch it grow. If left unattended, someone will raise it for us.

I want to represent as many people as possible, but when the same 10 give me information and they are the only 10…I can assume a couple of things…#1, they all agree with those 10 people or #2 they don’t care…

This is our profession and trust me the construction and Realtors would just love to RUN it for us and without input and funds…they will…