Licensing - Love it/Hate it

Pick one.

The poll seems to be indicating licencing is not as feared as we have been led to believe. Interesting.

Raymond…do you fear licensing? from some of your posts, I dont think you do. For myself, if licensing does come to Ontario, I prefer if it was set up by un-biased, independant third parties. after set-up, it can then be run by a coalition of ALL parties directly affected by the law. in other words, keep out the RE, and dont allow any one org to controll.

No I do not fear licencing as you say. You are also correct that if licencing does come to Ontario that it must be done with the participation of all inspectors regardless of affiliation. And I agree the Realtors should not and must not be allowed to control the inspection industry. Frankly I don’t mind if a real estate rep sits on the oversite, but that is where any involvement should stop.


I live in ALABAMA, a licensed state, and the only thing they care about is your annual dues. As long as you pay them, you are OK. We’ve got plenty of inspectors that aren’t licensed practicing and NOTHING is being done by anyone.

Illinois, too.

Keep in mind that while many local real estate associations push for these licensing laws, the actual real estate salesman is oblivious to them and could care less. He will refer the inspector that meets his needs and, in several licensed states, will ignore the law as do many inspectors.

Captain NACHI,

If you were to review the poll questions as a reader rather than an author you would be ridiculing it for it’s irrelevance. In any state requiring a license there are many laws not just “a law”.

Time to sharpen your pencil as you insist so many others do.

I don’t understand your point, John. Please elaborate.

The point is that you seem to be less critical of yourself than you are of others when it comes to the clarity of what you post. I think you may be losing your touch.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with LAWS governing home inspectors in this state. None of the poll options reflect that and it makes me so sad, I just might burst into tears. :slight_smile:

The four poll options address two completely different sectors of inspectors. Those working in states requiring licensing and those in states that do not. Then for each sector of inspector, there are two applicable poll options. Talk about split results.

I expect more from you Captain NACHI. :wink: Perhaps some simplicity.

Love it
Hate it
I have a love/hate relationship with licensing

This poll is reflecting exactly what was intended.

Other polls have given two choices…Yes or No…without taking into effect the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

This poll breaks the voters into two groups. Those who currently live under a licensing law and those who do not. As you can see from the results, the attitudes toward licensing are reversed and very one-sided. When you combine the two, the trend appears to be entirely different.

Well, as long as it reflects exactly what what intended I guess it’s okay then. :D:D

Keep flying straight Captain NACHI!

I am licensed by my county, soon by my state.

Having a license doesn’t bother me, but keeping track of the ever changing requirements, and dealing with the government does.

Licensing has done nothing to improve the overall quality of the home inspector, but it has emptied some cash out of our wallets.

I have a general, get the government out of my life attitude, so inherently licensing stinks. But hey, we quickly hand over our freedoms to the government, because they know better than we do how to run our lives, so licensing is wonderful. I can’t wait till they ban fatty foods so I won’t choose them either! :roll: :roll:

Jim… the FDA inspects one percent of the food coming into this country.
So to make a comparison would you wish the FDA did not exist at all.What would be a bettor solution than no regulation at all.
I am a libertarian at heart and still see the need for something to boost perception of the industry.It is a good thing we are here at the beginning where we could get involved if we wish to help by having a voice.

No comparison, Bob.

Prior to FDA…people were being poisoned by food. They died from tainted meat, were crippled and turned into vegetables by mercury and lead as by-products. Consumers forced their government to protect them from profit making companies that, at the time, were killing them.

Consumers not only do not care but have yet to participate in any level of home inspection legislation. Why? Because even the most comprehensive home inspection is non-invasive, general, and is not a warranty. The consumers are more endangered by real estate salesmen and sellers who are intentionally concealing known defects.

Builders are not licensed. Consumers don’t care. Contractors are not licensed. Consumers don’t care. Only when home inspectors take it to the media can they rouse some concern over their perceived need for licensing…which does not guarantee that anything brought to light will ever be resolved.

Licensing solves nothing.

Speak for yourself. All those trades you listed are licensed in many States, and many consumers do care.

Maybe you should move to a more modern State. Why not try Florida? :slight_smile:

Jim on a beach in a speedo? :-k :freaked-:

In Missouri and Kansas, builders and contractors are not licensed.

It is strictly for matters of personal greed that the Missouri Association of Realtors lobbies to keep builders and contractors unlicensed while lobbying for legislation that would allow them to control home inspectors.

The mass exodus of people fleeing your state presently precludes any thoughts I might have of moving there, but thanks for the invitation.:wink:

If the government really wanted to protect consumers with home inspection legislation, they would require home inspections for any real estate transaction.

If the government really wanted to protect cunsumers with home inspection legislation, they would not allow home inspections from John Onofrey for any real estate transaction.:stuck_out_tongue:

Jim I was just looking at your earlier posting and realising that you are not living in reality when you say Illinois realtors are ignoring the law.
Which E&O company is insuring unlicensed inspectors?
Since the law states you must be licensed what agent would be foolish enough to refer one that is not.
Are you saying agents feel an unlicensed inspector is so great he is worth them risking their careers by recommending him?
Just does not add up,and must be a fantasy.
Prove it as a conspiracy Mr Mallory oppps I mean Mr Bushart.
If a tradesman is unlicensed and I am licensed I trump him (rook to queens 4)