Little Giant Ladder Systems

I was curious what everyone thought of the Little Giant Ladder Systems? What size of Little Giant Ladder Systems have people found most effective for home inspections?



I have a large, 22’ Fiiberglass Little Giant, and use it quite regularly outside.
The sections are so flexible, giving me great support to climb onto, and off of roofs when needed. I really like it. Its built like a sherman tank, and I expect it to last a lifetime…:smiley:

My Little giant is 9 years old and going strong. Best ladder I have ever had.

Mine is 13 years old, and operating on one hinge for most of that. (someone broke it for me) Cant see replacing it. The older ones are better built than the newer ones.

Bought mine about 4 years back. It’s the commercial rated one as I go almost 300 lbs.

So far it’s got me onto or into every place I needed to go. Roofs (not often but when I need to I need to).

Downside. It’s a bit heavy and bulky. So I did add a lighter step folding step stool for some needs.

You can get the 300 lb rated Costco version at wal-mart. Much lighter.

I saw it recently at the Menards for $79 on sale .

I paid $99 at Sam’s Club 4 years ago.

BTW-it’s COSCO :slight_smile:

I have the 22ft model. It’s a great ladder, but it stays in the garage. Too heavy and bulky for work every day. I can do all of the low stuff I need with a Telesteps, which is much more handy and I have a 32 extension ladder which works better for the high stuff.

The LG plays the home ladder role at my house. It’s top quality, just too heavy and bulky.

Thank you for all the good information. Sounds like the size everyone likes is the 17’ little giant.

Thanks again


Bought my Little Giant in 1983 and it still works great for me.


Thanks for the correction!

Too heavy? Maybe some of ya’ll are out of shape.:mrgreen: I’ve got a model26 and it only weighs a little more than 50lbs. Gets me where I need to go (rather than staring at the bottom of the gutter) and fits nicely in my van.

Get a 28 foot fiberglass ladder so you have no need to feel like a circus performer.

I bought a new vehicle and a 22 foot multi ladder that scares the hell out of me when near top as those things are hard to balance at full length ,wobble in the middle and have no ground claws to stabilize you as they are top heavy.
The aluminum is a safety hazarde as it can conduct electricity.

Get the real one unless driving a yugo.

Thanks all. I appreciate all the input.