Live wire in attic

I was doing some research and couldn’t find a source for this. This live wire was left in the attic and just capped off. My understanding is a live wire like this should be capped off and secured in a junction box. Can someone confirm or deny this? Also, if you have an educational resource for this with a link please post it.

uncapped wire.PNG

Good find put it in Your report.
Live wire in attic needs an electrician to fix this immediately .

capped off and secured in a junction box

Agree with Roy and Roy. :wink:

Box, cover and wirenut or taping the ends off would be one fix, you could also just disconnect it.

And remove it…Correct?

Home Inspectors can not do either of these things .

You could, but removal is not required by the NEC.


I agree, I was just providing another code compliant solution to the problem.