Local List Roof Structure: in the Attic section or Roof Section

You only inspect the roof framing from the attic, but it’s part of the roof. Where do you put it?

I put it in attic, ventilation and insulation.

I have an inspection item under the roofing section for roof structure. I think the roof structure inspection item may exist in the default system by system template.

on pg 3 if ur Texan ;~))

Under the Structural Components section. I use the NC template.

I use the interNACHI template and attic info is under Roof section in Roof Structure.

I have a Roof Structure listed under my ROOF/ATTIC section of the report

Kenton, since you are creating a generic template for distribution, you can easily put it in the Roof section just to assign it a place to go while you are building the template. If someone decides they want it somewhere else in the report, all they have to do is copy and paste it if they want to create their own Attic section. All the stored comments for that local list item will follow and they don’t have to move each one separately.

Yep! Make it the way you want and others can move sections or inspection items around and all your auto comments will move with it.

I moved it also. :slight_smile:

I created structural attic components, I attached a screenshot.

screenshot 001.jpg

I have it in the attic section. Observations to the roof structural materials are made in the attic.