Local Lumber Yard Up in Smoke

Lumberyard 1/4 mile from my house a total loss from what I can see.

That is a bummer, Marcel. I hope no one got hurt.

And, it puts more people out of work…sad.

that looks like quite a fire…

Sure was, still quite a bit of smoke, but the fire department is gaining ground. Looks like only one or two of the storage sheds survived. The fire started in the pine shed which was attached to the main store and offices. I try to take pictures tomorrow of what is left.
Now we are stuck with HD and one other small lumber yard.
I’ve been going to that store for years and new where everything I needed was.

hopefully they had insurance and can re-build…

That’s a bummer. Kind of ironic being surrounded by trees.

Hope it gets rebuilt.

It came on the local news tonight and the owner said he was going to rebuild.
They saved the warehouse for roofing, drywall, and the one shown in the pictures above where they keep a lot of different plywood’s and OSB.
So at least the employees will get their jobs back if they can wait that long.
I don’t see them starting anything this year considering the time of year. Cleanup will be a job in itself.

is the cause of fire known?

Sad, the independent lumber yards are getting fewer by the day.

Wow! Wishing them a speedy recovery.

They said it started in the Pine Shed which was attached ti the main store, but I doubt they will find out the cause, there is nothing left.
They were more expensive than HD, but they sure had better quality material as far a lumber is concerned. HD lumber suxs big time.

It does for sure, but I could never find a better source locally, tried 4 different lumber yards. If grade was the same so was the lumber more or less. Several local yards closed after 2008 recession, now there is only one left that I know, would have to search to see if new ones sprung up or some other old survived. Like Walmart, HD & Lowes did their thing.

It is hard for small lumber yards to compete with the big box stores, and if they do, the prices have to be higher and that makes it harder to stay in business.