Potential fire??

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Last weekend my wife and I were meeting her sister and husband at a restaurant to celebrate our 22 wedding anniversary. I dropped my wife off at the door and parked in back of the restaurant. As I was walking to the front door I could hear a buzzing / crackling noise and it sounded like electricity/high voltage noise. I looked up where it was coming from and sure enough there were sparks and it looked like miniature lightning at the rooftop. icon_eek.gif It was coming off the sign on top of the building. Long story short I got the manager out there. You should have seen him run for the electrical box to cut the power!! He was very thankful and bought our drinks and picked up the appetizers for the night too. He was smiling at me the whole time we were there. Kind of cool. About 250 people in the place at the time. That could have gotten ugly if a fire had broken out.

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Don’t you just love being a home inspector. A friend of mine is the property manager at a condo complex, and every time I go see him, I am always pointing out soemthing that is a safety concern, or a structural problem with one of his buildings.

The last one I caught cost the association about $10,000 to fix, siding was rotted on the rec center, and when they tore it off, OMG.... it was bad.

He doesn't know whether to be happy when I stop by, or dread it.

But good job, you probably saved him a good amount of money, and saved his business.

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Rex, Congrats on 22 years. That doesnt happen much these days!! Ohh by the way, good catch in the electrical storm brewing up on the roof! eusa_clap.gif


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