log home crawlspace, 1938, unique log floor framing

Log cabin, blt 1938 added on in 2 directions in early 70’s. Those are 3"-4" lodgepole pine including the rafters in the attic. The LR ceiling hangs from those wires hung from the rafter peaks. Some places I had to stick a camera through an opening and shoot.

There are no experts on this kind of thing and 20% you couldn’t see because of poor access. I disclaimed it but they want to know who I recommend for a specialist inspection. Nasty dead animal smell left me gagging despite respirator. It’s possible to squirm past everything but not for a General Home Inspection price. I disclaimed it, but described what I could see in 1/2 hr. down there. I offered to complete it at the time for an additional $75.00. Must have been out of my mind.

Anyone want to take a shot at what to charge for an inspection of the crawlspace?



Did I get the job???:slight_smile:


Close there is much more to inspecting a log home then many realize . We have an inspector up here and he charges $1200:00± takes about 6 to 8 hours.
I have done some and disclaim a lot . the course at Florida was good and he has run it up here also . He also teaches how to build a log home one week course cost I think $1,200;00 . I am led to believe he is the best . I have taken two 4 hours with him Kelly ( forgot last name ) .
Roy Cooke Sr

Roy that was just a crawlspace inspection quote, I get extra for a termite inspection, and extra once again for the rest of the home.:stuck_out_tongue:

Kelly Brownell and his class was excellent. :smiley: