Peeled logs support piers for deck/roof structure

2007 custom home.
I’ve seen logs used to deck supports…but this one had quite a bend to it.

one of the footers was failing and got called out…

Thought this might be something others would be interested in seeing

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That’s really cool.
The weak spot is water sheeting down the logs and ended up pooling in the footing. A small metal ring flashing caulked a the top could prevent that, keeping this lovely deck support going a bit longer.

Consider measuring the angle of each of those stone footers, and calling out that
if they’re moving, it’s a problem.

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The vertical support capability of that crooked post is questionable.


that was something I thought about as well…with that much bend in it…I was a tad concerned.

but it is difficult to quantify without some pretty fancy math…amount of deflection, dimensions of the post, etc…

I couldnt tell if it was installed that way or if the bend has increased over time.

The deck does not appear to have settled at that location.

The most likely issue is the piers are too shallow an will sliding down the slope.

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Those far end piers seem subject too. Higher rise and the end post also has a bend at the base. Aesthetics can be cool and functional if done right. Not sure this meets it.

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The concrete footers for the piers are mostly ok…but there was one that is failing and another that is leaning as well…both are getting called out


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What does every good carpenter or builder do before starting a project? Select good straight lumber.



yeah…I guess if you are going for a look…

I dont get it, but its not my 800k dollar house either…

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