Log Home Inspection

I just finished this amazing course [passed]:wink:

The course covers a variety of topics and is very informative! Thanks Kenton!:smiley:

BTW Thanks for all the links that you provide with all your courses.


Please slow down with the number of on-line courses that you provide, I can hardly keep up!!:shock:





You can use these images as you please.

I concur~
Kenton is a wealth of knowledge. He helped me tremendously on the last log home inspection I did… Actually made me look like an “expert” on the inspection with his guidance prior to the inspection.

If you want some great material as well get these books
the owner built log house B. Allan Mackie ISBN 1-55297-549-5
Complete Guide to Building Log Homes Monye Burch ISBN 0-696-11003-2
Both great books if your going to Inspect these types of homes.

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Ditto, he helped me also.

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I guess the course is offered only to members only…too bad. I will be joining iNachi soon.

“Also from Toronto”
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Welcome to NACHI

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I’m with you, mario. I think kenton did a crack-up job on the log home course! I did it ( and passed ) when it first came out. It’s really excellent!..the green home course is also excellent. They’re all great! We are so blessed with all the men and women who have given of themselves to create the numerous excellent courses that are offered free of charge to all inachi members…hip,hip,hooray!