lol....watching my own video...I missed something

Hey Guys,

Obviously I am not perfect…;-)…but I was watching Part 2 of 3 of the Video I did for NACHI and noticed that when I got to the GEC portion I left something VERY obvious out of the video. Probably because I did this all with no rehearsal and in a single take…but did anyone notice the GEC terminated to a lug bolted to the metal cabinet. It is required to terminate to the Grounded Conductor ( since it was the only electrode…rods for example)…

A great example of my new DVD covering extreme details…I am looking back over what I have done in the past to create the mother of all electrical training videos for home inspectors…and nothing can be better than looking at your own works in order to make them even better…

I am SOOO jack up about this new DVD I am going to be started in about 1 week…I will go into detail of many topics, all of which HI’s need to know.

We were on a roll and that one slipped by my eyes…unless of course I covered it somewhere else as i did not watch the whole thing.

It appears only you can catch your mistakes Paul :smiley:

Nicely done

Lol…well I hate when it happens…but it happens.