Look what some idiot from ROMEX sent us.

romex, romex, romex, romex, romex


Wow. They sent their big guns … the law clerk … after you. You are dead meat, Nick.:wink:

Engineers have a definition of the word “romex” in their dictionary, by the way. It doesn’t even mention a brand name or trademark.

You may suggest they stop violating the trademark of the Armor Meat Company by insisting on sending you such unsolicited spam.

Maybe when I stop laughing I can respond.


Hormel [size=2]is drafting their lawsuit for as we speak**. ** :shock:[/size]

Well then we’ll just have to eat Big Macs.

Oooops, Big Mac is trademarked.

from: Beverly cofield <beverly_cofield@southwire.com>
date: Tue, nov 22, 2011 at 8:44 am
subject: Romex
to: jessica@internachi.org

hello. It has come to the attention of southwire company that you and the participants of your forum page are using the trademark name “romex” on at least the following web page:


as romex is a registered trademark of southwire company, we ask that you please begin using the ® after romex on your chat page and state on your message board that romex® is a registered trademark of southwire company.

Please make the following changes:

Internachi message board > specific inspection topics > electrical
romex® cable under patio eave…question
we understand that you may be unable to control all usage of the mark romex on your chat page. However, if it’s your preference not to make the adjustments mentioned above, please cease use of the romex mark and encourage your forum participants to make reference to nmb instead of using the federally registered romex trademark when referring to nmb cable in general.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. If this change is not made within ten days we will contact you again to check on your progress.


beverly cofield, law clerk
southwire company

I would ask her why she did use the little ‘r’ after everytime she mentioned INTERNACHI…

I was thinking the same thing Robert! LOL
Better send e-mails to all Home Inspection Software Companies quick before we all get sued.

Darn, now I have to edit my report template(s) and send a mass email out to over 1,000 clients and inform them of the infringement.

She better contact ebaytoo, and several other manufacturers.

Glad we do not use that glorified extension cord crap in Chicago.
ROMEX is ugly and hazardous.

may want to contact ROMEX® and tell them some wire company is using their trademark

Your just used to union thuggery…

I do not use any trademarked terms in my reports without the proper terminology. Not all wiring is $&@Mex however most is non metallic sheathed cable I see nothing wrong with giving proper names where due. If it is trademarked it needs recognition.

not all registered trademark romex is or has anything to do with wire ROMEX®

You can put ROMEX, ROMEX, ROMEX right up there with Heroin, Escalator, Aspirin, Linoleum, Thermos or YoYo.

ROMEX, ROMEX, ROMEX. Take your little r and shove it. :roll:

maybe you should start charging them instead of the free advertising…


:ack: :ack: :ack: Words fail me.

Good thing you didn’t get a job with Apple, Bev! Anyway, here’s a link for you. You’re welcome. \:D/

That explains why we can’t find American Doctors anymore.
The whole country has gone bonkers and nobody does anything about it.

The only industry still American run is the legal and political system.
Must be time to find a way to cut down on the numbers in that industry so we can right the ship.

Charles, this has to do with forum users using the term romex in their converstaions, and not using the copywrite mark. Outlandish!

Just another ‘ambulance chaser/part-time realtor’ trying to drum-up business.

Oh, excuse me, that should be REALTOR® !!!

I must need a updated keyboard as mine does not even make that symbol.
Will they except @ which could stand for another A word I can think of.