Looking for a narrative for short wiring in panel


Move the breaker to the other side. Done.


I know, but what if they choose not to correct it?

Why do I see the 3 Stooges in this?

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And how is that any different than any other day of the week?
Observe & report, then move on.

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  • The conductor on the lowest circuit breaker was too short and may cause issues. Recommend relocating the circuit breaker to relieve tension on the conductor

See, that wasn’t so hard now was it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hard to see but some neutrals may be double tapped also.

Aside from being ugly there is probably nothing wrong with conductor on the circuit breaker.

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When we inspect a home, that’s all we do. We don’t adopt the buyers and promise to care for them for life.

As for the piece of wire, I think it is absurd to mention it in a report.

What kind of issues is it going to cause?

Look, the dude was looking for a feel good CYA narrative and I gave him one, but I’ll play the game.

If the conductor is under tension and the lug loosens, the conductor could pull out and de-energize the circuit.

So what if:

  • A post grad student was writing a thesis on a computer plugged into that circuit and forgot to save his work when the above scenario occurs.

  • Grandma is on life support equipment which is plugged into that circuit work when the above scenario occurs.

I’m pretty sure I know who the homeowner is gonna sue when an electrician is called and gives his diagnosis.

Just sayin’ :wink:

Manufactures recommendations and cec elec conductor 600volt lower should be secured to prevent stress and strain on the conducter Google what does elec code say about “stressed wires” and read
It’s like installed in " best practices " another point were not doing electrical code inspection home inspection gut. Why is breaker installed on left side when right side would work just fine Is bus bare damaged?
See recommend further evaluation bye qualified personal

This thread is like something from the Three Stooges, Candid Camera, or Twilight Zone. I’m not sure which but it says something about the decline in professionalism in this industry.

Not long ago, it would have been inconceivable that home inspectors would go to forums to ask other inspectors to write their reports for them. Now we have inspectors wanting other inspectors to write descriptions of non-existent problems for them.

I agree 100%
And even “actual” problems as well…

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Forget about it, Jesus. it was over a month ago when I posted. Move on!
I noted it, they got it fixed. Closed.

Don’r worry about it, Terrill. ALL of us started somewhere less than perfect. I think it was John Onofrey (sp) that said: “Pick up the gold nuggets and leave the turds behind”. :crazy_face:

Many try to help and, sure, go a little too far sometimes but we are here to help as best we can. :thinking: :+1: :smile:

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Thanks for posting Terrill, it helped me out. Not everyone on these forums have been doing inspections for along time so I like to browse and get an idea of different verbiage and appreciate the post with the pic.