Looking for help in WI

I’m looking for some information reguarding school. I plan on either taking the classes online or in the classroom. I work a full time job and will be doing this afterhours or on the weekends. I’m going to MATC tomarrow to find out about the class and the expense involved. Are the classes online legit? By that I mean, if I get a licence will it be legal. Are the prices about the same?
Thanks in advance.

Hi drnerd…You’re in AHIT territory…http://www.ahit.com. It’s a pretty good place to learn once you get past the ASHI bs. I believe I read here recently NACHI members get a discount as well but classroom training is much better than online and AHIT offers both. Good luck to you and hope this helps.

Thanks Darrel. That helps.

Also…might have a ITA School around their also…check them out also at www.learn2inspect.com