I will be taking my level 1 in november and have been investigating cameras. I would love to spend alot of money on a camera but just can’t at this point. As an entry level camera, can the guru’s give me some good and bad points on the camera. Would you have another suggestion other then this one? I want to stay under 3000 for now and as I generate business I will update. Lets not turn this one into a debate if we can. Thanks

Save your money. Watch this to help you decide. If you spend $3000 now, expect to get about $800 for that investment if you upgrade in the future.

I am more of a FLIR guy but you can download this free guide (http://www1.flir.com/l/5392/2011-05-03/D1P8) which will hopefully help you with your selection in general.

It might be a good idea to actually ask your training center to let you loan a camera for the training period so you can actually use a camera, talk to instructor, other people etc before making the purchase.

This is what I did and they did not charge me for the loaner. I end up buying FLIR E50bx.

Start with a business plan. What service are you going to sell to generate revenue from your imager? Determine what capabilities it will need to be suitable for your planned use. If you have limited funds, you will probably be better off to buy a used imager with good thermal capabilities than a new, low end unit. Older quality units will typically have superior thermal thermal imaging capabilities, but lack the more modern bell and whistles. Good thermal capabilities trump bells and whistles every time. When you have funds you can buy an imager that has both.

If you buy an imager without a sound business plan, that includes quality training by a qualified provider (I see that you are pursuing Level-I certification- excellent), expect to join the ranks of people trying to recoup a fraction of their investment on a barely used imager.