Looks like another Red October!

Phils 5 - Rockies 1.

Cliff Lee with a complete game. For you younger inspectors, complete games actually used to be the rule, not the exception.

We be-LEE-ve!

I don’t think the REDS are in the playoffs–ever.

Well . . . back in the day . . . Morgan, Pérez, Bench.

***That ***was 34 years ago. Half of this populace weren’t even born yet.

Except for Pittsburg’s 19 year drought the REDS would possess the longest non-playoff string (10 years, I think).

Easy Big guy Its only game one. Dont forget Its ROCKTOBER:D


Go Red Sox!!

Go Bears!

Great time of year. GO BIG RED

I’ve placed a curse on Chicago teams like the curse of the Billy Goat. Since Chicago has saddled the Free World with Obama and his crooked posse, no Chicago professional franchise will ever win a championship until 100 years after the death of Obama.

This team does not quit! Three down, eight to go!

Dang! Phils wasted a masterpiece by Pedro.

Beautiful day for baseball. NOT!!

Playing baseball in this weather is disgraceful. Reminds me of baseball tryouts at my 6000-student Catholic H. S. in the '60s: three swings on the coldest day in March. “Next!!

I wonder how many college baseball scholarships were lost to an untimely eruption of stinging red hands.

I keep looking for a Russian Submarine. :shock::wink:

Phils are looking good.

Six down. Five to go.

Seven down. Four to go.

Gonna be tough to beat the Phillies.

It’s looking like a pinstriped October, too. Phils and Yanks.

I hope I live long enough to get over the DH rule.

I was 4 when the Yanks beat the Whiz Kids in four games in 1950. It’d be sweet to return the favor.

This Phillie team could do it.

Ray Liotta reacts to Phils come-from-behind victory in Game 4 of NLCS.