loool Fixing??? foundation cracks WIFF Hank

Waterproofing companies, ‘handle with care’

More dumb shtttt, this is incompetent and is one way homeowners get BULLLSHTTTT’d, that’s right. This video has over 100,000 hits, looool Near the end he actually says, ‘Now you’ll have a nice secure foundation’… huh?

Hank, the crack goes down… down, down baby. So, the right fix, the TRUE solution would have been to hand dig that one small area (where the dumb crack is), down to the footing. Waterproof the crack, that part of the wall and backfill with 99% gravel.

How in the world do some people think they can apply whatever to the TOP part of a crack in a wall on the outside and come to the conclusion, that is all that needs to be done outside. Most of these cracks extend, down!!! Below grade, often to the footing, sometimes they’ll split and go left, right etc.

Here’s a crack much like what Mr, Hank shows…
Poured wall, St Clair Shores MI, homeowner only leaks right where we are digging…

Next short video is same house, on the INSIDE… cracks were previously patched and painted. (Patched like Hank says TA do)

This homeowner followed what Hank and many other NON experts tell peeps TA do, duh ummm, did it work for this senior lady? looollll

And Hank, alot of those vertical cracks are NOT due to some supposed settling issue but rather due to lateral soil pressure, got that?

Ever hear of U S Army Corps of Engineers?
In part on page 2, they say… 3 TYPES of cracks from lateral pressure…
"Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the CONCRETE or CMU wall… 1 is a step crack, 2 horizontal crack 3…vertical cracks

“A basement wall supports an adjacent mass of SOIL, preventing the soil from entering the basement. Therefore, the WEIGHT of the retained soil mass induces lateral pressure on the basement wall”

Then add rain/water… in that soil mass. Yeah shtt sure, try and divert some water away. But there will STILL be x-amount of soil pressure against a wall, more when it rains (the soil becomes saturated) even if one has raised and sloped the grade. Best be careful on HOW MUCH one raises the grade and, what kind of soil is used to raised the stooopid grade as the added/extra soil will add that much MORE weight/pressure against the stoooopid basement wall which weren’t designed/built to withstand MORE soil weight.

Same goes for pouring concrete on top of existing concrete, against a foundation wall. Like some driveways and patios that are RAISED and poured way too friggin high, your asking for problems YET, all some think about is trying to divert water away, they don’t think about the added weight against the friggin wall

Concert for George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison etc… Handle with care

a) the kid looks a lot like George
b) …2:50 the bald dude is pretty cool
… homeowners have been fobbed off and they’ve been fooled, Bubba’s been beat up and battered around, he’s been robbed and ridiculed… overexposed, commercialized…handle interior system companies wiff care!!