Ummmmm, 'This Old House'.......

How to (NOT!) repair a crack in foundation wall. Short video

Jesus Krrrristmas people, looool.

Duh umm, hollow blocks, what CHA doing man, huh? Even IF it were poured wall, this is a half azz’d attempt at repairing a crack.

Then they go outside and… patch above grade duh ummmm, what about the crack that extends all the way DOWN… looooolllll.

And NOTICE, the exterior GRADE… it more than slopes a tad away from the dumb azz house

Doing what This Old AND still LEAKING House says, also does not relieve, remove any exterior weight-pressure off the stupid basement wall either!
Shtt man, sometimes there’s an underground tree root or lateral soil pressure that causes the STUPID fkg crack and subsequent leask, mold, efflorescence… no thought of that huh!

Jesus, that basement is only maybe 5’ deep, an EASY hand dig man!

And over 50,000 hits on video? looool

The corner sure looks like it leaks as well (exterior cracks or cracked parging), as well as the area under that stupid pipe (exterior gaps around pipe).

The window leaks as well so, sealing the inside of the ledge won’t waterproof/seal the EXTERIOR gaps/crevices etc around the damn window, hello!!!

Weak, sorry shtt. Maybe, I don’t know, consult an honest expert before wasting your time and money on trash like this.

More bulllshtt, this happens ALL THE TIME!!!
One interior system company installs their bullshtt and homeowner still leaks, gets more efflorescence or mold etc on blocks and then ANOTHER interior system company bullshttts the homeowners and takes out the previous garbage and installs their garbage!!!

IDIOTS! And how about the sorry azz music, good god help my azz!

They tell people all kinds of moronic bullshtt such as, the first system was installed incorrectly, the sump pump installed wasn’t big enough or, the first system didn’t have filter fabric etc etc etc, all fkg BULLLLLLL CHTTT baby!

Damn right! You are screwing over homeowners man!!!

Look at the blocks at the CORNER, where these terds even state that the corner was the main area of seepage. Wouldn’t surprise my old azz one bit if the corner area was the ONLY area that needed any waterproofing but should have been done on the outside because,duuuuuuuuh, that’s where the water is entering INTO the hollow blocks and causing some efflorescence on some inside blocks.

Lifetime warranty my azz, bullll-----****ttttt. You terds did NOT stop the water/salts from where it is still entering.

so those poor buggers have now paid for two systems neither of witch fix the problem…priceless…

Exactly Mr. McKee.


Helped you out there Bubba. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess you just can’t fix stupid (twice #-o#-o). :roll::roll: