Homeowner say he about to 'waterproof' his basement, NOPE pft, hardly!

he says, someone previously slapped some CRAP on wall (horiz crack, bottom blocks) and so he took the sht off as his wall was ‘popping’ lol. He says he is going to put in a lil trench etc, look, do what ya want man your stupid house/basement but TRUTH is, he has a long EXTERIOR horizontal crack down low and very likely other EXT cracks in wall, and the wall is pushed in aka, bowed in

am sure Pablo is a good due etc, sheesh, point is, he is not waterproofing anything, no and installing an INT system and sump pump does not relieve, reduce any of the soil weight/pressure acting–pushing upon the foundation wall nor does it remove any possible tree roots etc that can be against the exterior of foundation wall.
This video clearly shows what HE has, similar… on the exterior of the wall, a long horizontal crack and other ext cracks, THESE are WHY the basement leaks n eyeball the clay soil that CAUSED the wall to bow inward, crack, leak!!! HeLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, anybody, anywhere HOME?

E----T, PHONE home!

you folks do not make any dang sense, if and when a tree branch lands on your roof n causes damage YOU will remove it and repair your roof… you know, to keep water OUT… but when it comes to a foundation wall like this YOU don’t think about or care about the soil pressure or underground roots etc pushing against you wall (like the tree branch on your roof!!!) , YOU will LEAVE the cause (S) against a bowed in wall and NOT repair the exterior cracks, you leave those cracks OPEN, YOU FOLKS make zero sense on this subject.

you’re getting out of hand, you’ve got to make a stand
so put the coke away

Schizophrenic, photogenic aggravates me so
have a guess man
watch the spirit go

Batman zips the monster as he bleeds
and gets up on the buzz he needs
and a kid on the street just reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and reads and… reads

shoot a rocket clean out of your mind
oh these people ain’t your kind
no they ain’t your kind at all!

let your MADNESS be the CLUE
madness, madness, madness, madness

OMG! Love how you posted your frustration with this. :grin:
I mean, I totally get it! Read, repeat, laugh, sigh.
Thanks for this post.

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thank you Juile, yes tons of frustration lol, stay safe!

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