Magnificently tall gas water heater vent

I’m thinking if over 5 or 6’ it needs bracing? The reason it is so tall may be because there is only about 2’ clearance above the water heater in the first place before terminating out the roof with no bonding or course.

Brand new and cracked like an egg.png


Found this:

Yes, recommend bracing above 5’-0"

Yeah I’m going to run with that. Identified that a leak did occur and water damage was present but dry. Not certain the source is the PEX being used to supply the heater, the heater itself, or failure at the storm flashing or other. But I can recommend that the vent be braced. The builder needs to identify the source of the obvious leak.

Here is my call out: “A type-b exhaust vent terminating through the roof more than 5’ needs to be supported by bracing against wind damage.”

It means “Here’s a sucker”.
Those who make a living defrauding homeowners by installing HVAC equipment that’s not needed sometimes advertise the mark by installing an excessively tall combustion vent on the roof.

Ha! There home is a billboard and they ain’t makin a dime off of it! :cool:

I’ve recently had two gas water heater vent that weren’t tall enough (WH at exterior, vent not going pass roof line).

If we could average out this home with the homes I saw, everything would be good. lol. :smiley: