Main fused panel

This is one of four main panels in the basement of a partially rehabbed two unit. My questions are, other than being an outdated fused panel, are there other things going on that I’m missing? Also I wasn’t able to rate an amperage as I assume that it is the rating of the fuse blocks which I could not see.

Thank you all once again

Dan, we have no idea what you may be missing because you didn’t list anything.

Why don’t you start there and list what you see as defects?

P.S. It would help if the interiors were visible on the other panel boards. :slight_smile:

It is best not to guess at amperage, for instance, because if you guess too high and the client finds out that it is really lower, you may have to pay for the upgrade that you guessed it was.

Good point Larry. Honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with it other than the empty socket and the fact that it is a fused panel to begin with. Anymore I mention the insurability of the house with this in it which a lot of people don’t realize. I couldn’t get far enough away to get a shot of all four panels open because there was an oil tank about three feet in front of the panels. The intention here was that ultimately it would be a three unit with a panel for a common area but that’s a guess. The labeling was nonexistent except for the one panel on the left and I didn’t try to hunt down what went where. The water and heat were not on in this house so my fingers were a bit tingly by this time to say the least.

Also I didn’t state any amperage because I couldn’t clearly see any indication of an amperage.