Main Panel Check

Gerry told me to get with the program and post down here. So here I am. Please take a look at this panel. Trying to figure out why the arc is present.

Arc?..either I’m blind as a Bat or there isn’t one----:smiley:

Where exactly is it Billy?


To the right of the red nuts.

Do you mean evidence of a past arc?

Electricity caused it.

If you do not believe me, remove those wire nuts and touch the panel with the exposed wires.

Ahhh…YOU CHEATED…posted a second photo after I replied…but damned if I know what caused it, why would you care if there is nothing present to cause an arc now?

lol So both of you are saying I shouldn’t be worried about it. :wink:

You could say that yes, but I certainly am not speaking for BK…you know him----:twisted:—:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah there usual is an ARC there.:mrgreen:

I wouldn’t be too concerned with that.

I would write up what I saw in the report Billy, and reccomend an electrician.

But when a home buyer asks me if I see anything in their prospective purchase the worries me, I reply “Nope not a thing, I am not buying this house.” :wink:

Don’t believe him Bill…he’s pulling your leg-----:stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are realy not helping LOL

I sugested BIll posted down here to get professional help,

I suggested thet he checked the electricians underware, That was as “helpfull” as I could get. :wink:



“Evidence of past arcing , burn marks in the back of the panel”.
Maybe best to call for an electrician. Homeowner modifications suspected.

John Kogel

Bill when you post some of the questions you might indicate you are asking for input to further your knowledge or if you are asking for suggestions as to how to write a defect explanation for the report. I greatly appreciate all of the impute everyone gives and like to see pics from all kinds of stuff. Keep asking away

Define Helping a little more clearly Gerry.

There is NO ARCING in the picture. And I am not worried about it. What?

I would be worried about red nuts. :):):slight_smile:

Happens after they’ve been blue for awhile.


Finally a crack on the wirenuts!!!

was there any burn on the ground wire itself