Main panel configured as a remote panel

Ok, so after the “stuff storm” generated in my last electrical post caused, I’m a little hesitant. However, here goes.

I inspected a main panel today where the terminal bar was bonded to the cabinet. The neutrals are isolated, however, there is no green bonding screw visible to bond them to the cabinet. It appears to me as though the cabinet is wired as a remote when it’s actually the main. Is this ok? In my mind it’s not correct due to an unidentified bonding/grounding issue, I just can’t identify the issue as I’m not a qualified electrician. I’m hoping someone has seen this before.

It seems like a stretch, but does this conductor…


by chance end up here…

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Would have been nice if you held the camera higher for an actual downward view of these connections.

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That was one of my thoughts also… also the left side of the panel.

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The wire you mentioned crosses the bottom of the cabinet and connects to the other terminal bar. So, going forward, if the copper wiring coming out of the neutral terminal is connected to a terminal bar, then that’s ok?

Hey Jeffrey, I’ll keep that in mind for future photos. Thanks.

And what about the one at the top?

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Well, that cancels that idea then. Any chance the one at the green arrow goes to the neutral lug?

STOP looking at my computer, you cheat!!

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The neutral, EGCs’, and panel enclosure should all be bonded at the first point of disconnect after the service. There are many ways to accomplish that. I can’t say I know exactly every method that is or is not allowed though.

I would never use those cheesy “finger arrows.”

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It’s quite possible, but not definitive.

So the copper wire, if it is connected to the terminal on one end and the neutral on the other, would offer the bonding of the neutral?

Thus the comment about a better angle photo.

Looks possible. If you are in a pinch, I would write it as “could not verify bonding of EGCs’ and panel enclosure to service neutral at the first point of disconnect due to items in panel blocking full observation.” Or something like that.

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Robert… Any thoughts?

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Ok, that makes sense. and I’m with Ryan regarding the “cheesy fingers”.


And yet they got both of your’s attention! Mission accomplished!!


No, if this is indeed the first disconnect, it must be bonded.
As mentioned, it is possible that the bonding is done with the copper conductor, but square D panels all have a bonding screw on the neutral bar. It’s missing, upper left.
You also have that double tap at the neutral lug, and I always call out the lack of sleeve/protection on the overhead service lines as a safety hazard.

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Ok. Thanks for the verbiage. This is the second reno of the day. It’s been a long one. Thanks for all your input, guys!

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